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Flint’S Ban On Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Going Up In Smoke

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FLINT -- The Vehicle City may be getting a little greener. City council members say they're ready to lift the moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries.

The Flint city council is sending out smoke signals.

“We’re going to be legalizing more dispensaries inside the city limits,” says Sheldon Neely, a Flint councilman.

He says it's time to send the city's moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries up in smoke.

“It’s a business. It's a legal business now in the community so we can not, not have regulations for that particular type of business,” says Neely.

A handful of Flint dispensaries opened up before the 2011 moratorium. Three years later, they're still mum on the issue, declining comment Friday.

“People want to help their community and help distribute medicine but they don't want attention that could potentially hurt them,” says Ryan Bringold.

He advocates for medical marijuana on his weekly talk show on WFNT. Bringold says communities are now seeing the benefit of the bud.

“People want safe access to clean meds,” says Bringold.

He also says the green plants bringing in the greenbacks, something city leaders aren't arguing with.

“Cannabis can help the economy,” says Bringold. “It creates jobs."

“Green and green,” adds Neely.

If passed, the ordinance would allow dispensaries in certain area, banning them from being within 1,000 feet of churches and schools. There will be a public hearing on the law in the next two weeks.

As for state law, the bill is headed to the full senate for a vote.



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