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Bill Introduced To Allow Low Thc High Cbd Strains On A Federal Level.


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Scott Perry ® Pennsylvania, is introducing a bill dubbed "the charlottes web medical hemp act of 2014" that would (federally) allow the growth of high cbd low thc strains. Last month Rep. John Fleming M.D. ® testified that the effect of cbd is anecdotal and the relief it gives is a myth, he's also pointed out there's a pharmaceutical version of cannabidiol oil in testing, called epidiolex. Personally I wonder why they're doing clinical tests on a drug that is purportedly, myth? There's also some mention in the article about the amendment to the jobs bill introduced by Rand Paul. They mention that the amendment Paul introduced (protecting doctors and patients from federal charges) is likely to die but Rand is planning to introduce a standalone measure. http://www.cnn.com/2014/07/28/health/federal-marijuana-bill/index.html?c=&page=1

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its cannabis oil. are they going to say 'its not medicine unless its tested by fda' ? or are they going to continue with 'its a myth' lol




GW’s remaining R&D programmes (epilepsy, ulcerative colitis and schizophrenia)


interesting what GW is studying next....

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Some day soon, if GW's medicines gain FDA approval, there will be a split in the medical cannabis movement.  Insurance coverage, imo, will come into play.  Patients may be able to buy non-approved concentrates from several sources, but I expect medical insurance will only cover the FDA approved version.


Also, I mentioned in some other thread that I fear this CBD only legislation to an extent.  It reminds of when marinol was created and cannabis prohibitionists said, "there, if you need marijuana medicine take marinol.  End of story.  No need for the plant material."


After the CBD approval, I can envision prohibitionists saying, "there, if you need marijuana medicine take marinol or take CBD.  End of story.  No need for the plant material."


Marinol allowed the prohibitionists to delay cannabis research progress for many years.  We have to be careful to not repeat that mistake.

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the entire medical aspect of marijuana is the box. see russ bellville's article on the "box canyon"

which is exactly what happened in canada. one company made it all and irradiated it. for years.


medical is the only thing that has softened opinions on marijuana in the first place. so it was needed.

it got it out of the hippie mindset that so many nixon-era people love to hate on.

but medicine has to be controlled and safely made and made in labs by people in labcoats.


so that system will never work for people who want to grow at home.


i'm not going to worry about cbd legislation. its never worked, it wont work in the future.

hell, even michigan had a mmj law in the 80s. what happened to it? repealed ? i'd like to read some news paper articles about it if anyone can dig those up?


even today people say marijuana is bunk and you should just use marinol.

approving drugs takes a dozen years, so i'm not worried about gwpharma having 5 different marijuana based medicines.

i just lookad at their plan. its something like 2017-2025 to get epidiolex approved by fda.

pharma companies move slow too. they only have sativex and epidiolex so far. and like 4 others currently in research. thats after 16 years of being a company. 2 products.

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