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Florida (Debate) For Prop 2, Mmj In Florida!


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its not a debate, just 6 people giving speeches.


they let irv rosenfield go up first and he just nails it. the poor dr who goes on after irv just collapses.


looks like most of the audience is cannabis supporters, so theres some laughing at the propaganda.


can view the video here



Medical Marijuana Forum

August 28, 2014

Should Florida join the other 23 states tha have legalized majiuana for medical use? The Ledger is sponsoring this special forum to discuss the topic.

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Here is an opinion piece by a LEAP member in the Orlando Sentinel.


Why sheriffs oppose medical pot: Profits, not public safety


The opposition of the Florida Sheriffs Association to Amendment 2 has more to do with cash than public safety. The sheriffs have become so accustomed to federal anti-drug money and property forfeitures that they resist any change that might someday shut off their pipeline of cash, cars and property.


Consider Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, Florida's most vocal opponent of medical-marijuana reform.

During his highly publicized debate with attorney John Morgan, Judd vigorously defended his motives: "It may come as a shock to you," he told the audience in Lakeland, "but our budget is not predicated on arrests; it's not predicated on seizures; it's not created so we can spend that operating money on cars, or capital equipment, or operating equipment, or salaries."




According to Justice Department records, the Polk County..... (continued at link)



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