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Strains I Am Not Familiar With Someone Maybe....?

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Hey all! :bong2:

I have 2  strains or varieties if you will; that I just have a couple of samples: (Skywalker & Vintage).  I've never heard of either of these. Does anyone have any info on either one of these 2 varieties?  I will let you all know my opinion; for what's worth.  :lol:


Thanks ! 


OH! I would like your opinions too! If you don't mind.  :unsure:

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Where did you get them?  Bodhi seeds is in testing using a clone called Vintage, its actually a old clone of Pot of Gold from the Flying Dutchmen Seed Bank named Vintage. Skywalker is blueberry x mazar. Who knows though, these days people just make up a name and attach it to what ever they're selling. Good luck

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