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Moving To Michigan!

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I live close, taking a budtender course and have sick wife that benefits greatly but the 6 months to prove residency then the wait for the paperwork on top of the growing time.  well you see my problem.  Could we?

1)  get an address in Michigan such as a real address at a UPS store.. this is not a P.O. Box.

2)  get everything up to speed including the doctor appointments?  just need the final move and set up equipment to grow?  legally!  ?


I have read the laws and such, my wife can breeze though getting the license with her illnesses.  I could get a card also.  just cant afford the rent up there.  where I am is like $500 a month for a couple bedrooms but everything I see up there is 2 to 3 times the price?  thought the economy was in the dumps up there?  is it just because the rent on the internet is just posted by big buck landlords?  I was wanting to move to ann arbor or south of ann arbor... thank you now for any help coming..

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ann arbor is one of the more expensive parts of the state.


right next to detroit, one of the poorest.

pick somewhere in the middle. canton, redford, dearborn.

plenty of cheap places, just not within 10 miles of ann arbor.


W of ann arbor in dexter is expensive

N of ann arbor in whitmore lake is expensive

S of ann arbor in saline or ypsilanti might be less expensive

E of ann arbor in northville is expensive.




from that michigan.gov link in the above post, you can get michigan residency (drivers license) with a utility bill with your name on it. so yeah you should rent a place to get residency... shouldnt take 6 months though. maybe 1-2 months.

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