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Looking For A Doctor Southeast Mi

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Hey guys, i am looking for a Doctor that will see me without Records, i suffer from horrible migranes and i dont have or havent had medical insurance, but marijuana helps with my migranes and the nausea i get from the migranes , i also have Insomnia, i'm not looking for responses saying your just looking to screw the system, nothing is wrong with you, that is not the case, i just didnt have medical insurance to be seeing a Doctor to accumulate records, if any1 can point me in the right direction i would really appreciate it thanks.



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no one here is going to accuse you of trying to screw the system. Nobody knows better than you how cannabis can improve your life.

There are some notable physicians in the southfield area. You could google marijuana certification center in your area while we wait for posters to chime in.


good luck, I hope you find relief soon!

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