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Fda Approved Plant Derived Anticancer Agents

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did you know there are multiple plant-derived anti-cancer fda approved drugs ?




time to read up!


It is claimed that various parts of plant extract work together in a synergetic way. The evidence show that synergetic and buffering effects of whole plant extracts. But that these characteristics apply for all plants is still under question. Synergetic and buffering principles are applied for combination of different plants. It was reported that the combination of plants increases therapeutic effects and reduces side effects. This is in contrast with using methods of usual and chemical medicines, because using several modern drugs at the same time is avoided as much as possible.


make sure your herbal medicine is clean


In a study carried out on 260 medicines, 25% of these products were shown to contain high level of non-organic pollutants including lead, mercury and arsenic.44 Series of herbal compounds including salicylic glycoside, lactonicsesquiterpens cause allergic reactions.45 Side effects may also occur due to pharmaceutical interactions.

watch those side effects too!


Among 121 drugs prescribed for cancer treatment, 90 are derived from herbal medicine. A study reported that among 65 new drugs registered for cancer treatment during 1981-2002, 48 drugs were obtained from natural products

its all plants!

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