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Why I'm addicted to the site ...


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I'm not sure what has drawn me into this site ... I found this community in March of this year when I was looking for a place to retire and find medical help for my PTSD ... there is a bit of in-fighting here, not always on topic and more personal than seems necessary ... but that is, I think, what draws me and others to this site ... Passion. Everything from how you grow to how you deal with patients is openly discussed with obvious concern and passion for the present and the future ... it may be that so many CG's are here and their dedication and passion mirrors my dedication during 20 years of military service ... I can instantly respect the passion of dedicated people, honest people, those that truly are striving to make things better ... I pray that the anonymity that the internet provides doesn't mask the faith of those that contribute and post here ... I see passion in almost every post ... this is a great community and for all the dings and dents that will always happening in public discussion, this place always rises above that clatter and really informs and educates through sharing of personal experiences ... together we are always stronger

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