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Can you give away medication 100% free to another patient?


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Was looking over laws and noticed section 4 articles (n) and (o)

(n) A qualifying patient shall not transfer a marihuana-infused product or marihuana to any individual.

(o) A primary caregiver shall not transfer a marihuana-infused product to any individual who is not a qualifying patient to whom he or she is connected through the department’s registration process.

Does this mean a valid cardholding mmj patient could not give (under 2.5oz) of cannabis to another valid cardholding patient for FREE?

No charge not even for labor, nothing.  

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The key word in that law is "transfer". You can't transfer marijuana to anyone unless you are the caregiver connected to the recipient through the registration process. Transferring is giving, selling, handing to, passing off to...basically any method that involves the marijuana leaving your hand and directly ending up in the hands of the recipient. 

Maybe (hopefully) all this ridiculousness will end this November.

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