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University of Michigan studying Medical Cannabis patients, participate today!

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The University of Michigan is currently enrolling patients in two studies on cannabis and its use in the management of chronic pain to garner additional insights into how cannabis use affects pain management, quality of life, and the use of other pain-relieving medications.




Study 1:

In this study, you will be asked to complete an online anonymous, confidential survey.


Anyone who uses cannabis for chronic pain and has a medical cannabis license OR who uses cannabis medically in a state with recreational cannabis can participate by clicking this link.

The password is UMsurvey.

Study 2:

In this study, you will be asked to complete online anonymous, confidential surveys at baseline (within the next week), as well as 3, 6, 9, and 12 months after the initial survey.

Study participants will be compensated after completing each survey: $10 after the first survey, and $10 after each follow-up survey.


You are eligible to participate in this study if all the conditions below are met:

1. You are 18 years of age or older.

2. You have a medical cannabis certification in your state of residence.

3. You either have been using cannabis for chronic pain main management for less than six months OR you plan to but have not started using cannabis for chronic pain management.

If you think you will not be able to participate at all follow-up points, please do NOT participate in this survey.

If you fulfill all these criteria and are interested in participating, please contact Dr. Kevin Boehnke PhD at kboehnke@med.umich.edu.

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Wow, that sounds really cool. I always knew that medical cannabis is a very interesting topic. Finally, they began to study new ways of treating diseases. Cannabis does have some cool medicinal properties, but because of its reputation as a drug, everyone is afraid to use it. I used to smoke weed too, and I don't hide it. I did this solely because it helped me cope with anxiety, and also helped me to relax after a hard day at work. About a year ago, I learned about the existence of medical cannabis, thanks to this site https://minnesotamedicalsolutions.com/. Since then I have completely quit smoking. Medical cannabis does an excellent job of relieving anxiety, as well as helping to cope with some diseases.

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