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I am using AC/DC right now that is 15.5% CBD with 0.7% THC. Does anyone know of any other strain that has a higher CBD content? I medicated every morning and find that it is only lasting me about 1 hour if even that. 

Heres another question....I have Restless Leg Syndrome and since I started with Medical Marijuana the AC/DC doesn't bother my RLS.

But I was using Thin Mint in the evening and found that it makes my RLS symptoms reoccur after I fall asleep. I have went 4 nights without the Thin Mint and had no problem with RLS.

It seems funny because everything that I have read mentions that the marijuana should help ease the RLS.

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on this subject??

Have a SUNSHINY DAY!!😊😊😊   Debbie

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Try a heavy hitting indica for RLS. Northern Lights or Mazar-I-Sharif.

Look for a strain described as "couchlock".

Start out by smoking if you're able to. The smoke takes effect immediately but doesn't last as long as edibles. Use the smoked product to take the edge off while you're waiting for the edible to kick in.

Sometimes hash or wax is best, it's more concentrated. Think of whisky compared to beer.

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