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Was this just bad RSO?

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It can be good solid, liquid, or semi-solid.

When I make the whole plant product it's solid at room temperature.  If you warm it then it's liquid.

Marijuana has fats and waxes that can solidify at room temps.

I remove the fats and waxes if the oil is for vaping and then it's liquid at room temperature. 

You have to trust your source as to what is in it. Could be anything. 

Have a trustworthy caregiver or a dispensary that tests their oil. I know that Dispo tests everything they sell. 

If it doesn't work than it's no good, obviously. I've never made a batch that didn't work. 

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I got that probably-bad batch from ROOTS. Previously, I had gotten a good batch from them. They did refund my money (they had no RSO to exchange). I then went to Dispo and got a new syringe (1 gm.). Tried it and the consistency is better (thicker, not watery). I tried it and it works fine.



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