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CBD oil

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I'm creating a thread as I didn't find one like this.
Anyway, I was at a cannabis fair the other day, and a lot of people were selling different oils with CBD, CBH, CBH.
  Got into a conversation with one participant, he said it helps to sleep, to relax.
  But me, having used everything I could for 16 years, mostly the problem again, was very skeptical. I'm on Methadone zpt, now lowering, also for 8 years daily 150 Neogabine, in parallel every day 70-80 baclofen.
  That day I also took 0.5 gidazepam 1 pc. I was nervous all the same.
   I think I will try it.
  The concentrations range from 500 mg to 8000 mg.
  So he gave me half of a 1,000 mg pipette.
I was just messed, in 20 minutes I was relaxed, in 40 minutes even stronger, and in an hour I was so smeared that I even felt a little bad.
   It doesn't kick, but it's very, very calming. It's also said to be pain relieving.
   Had to drink coffee to cheer me up a bit, didn't help.
Yesterday a whole dropper on my tongue, slept for 8 hours without waking up!!!!
  Maybe it's all individual, but I had an epiphany.
This could be such an alternative, the best, to all the Barbiturates, those who quit drugs, etc.
  Anyway, just for reflection.


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