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The Future Looks Bleak?



So every day I read more and more about dispensaries, and government this and that.. LEOs hate this law due to lack of funding stemming from Marijuana arrests..


I was theorizing this morning with a buddy of mine..


I can see it now, the Government run dispensaries will cancel out our rights to grow our own, which in turn will put a halt to the "legal home grow" That will satisfy LEO cause they will now be able to raid each suspected home that has a grow and seize all the equipment and still get to charge you with a cannabis related charge. seems to be looking up for the big guys imo..


They get to corner the MM market, and seeing as it wont be legal to grow your own anymore they know 40-60% of people have involvement in growing they have a huge new group of Marijuana users to target to hit their quota.. I'm not excited about the future at all


All this belly aching about your precious dispensaries is going to ruin everything for alot of people that just want to get by and not have to go through another fiasco run by the government the same people that have no idea wtf is good or bad.. its all about the money $$


Is it REALLLLLLY that hard to find some herb, the stuff thats been around since the beginning of freaking time?? Can't they setup a web based program that makes it easy like a click of the button kind of stuff for the real square/newbie. Kinda like buying insurance you have a site setup with CG's the new pt goes through finds your ad that fits what your looking for and move along????


Sorry my rant is out of frustration, I just have this nasty feeling that the police and suits will get their way.. and Marijuana arrests will be here to stay.. legal or not.


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I have heard about this program where they (state senator? ) are pushing these bills through to give us things we want like CG2CG transfers and laws for allowing dispensaries and laws for allowing extracts then finally a bill for the installation and regulation of pharmaceutical grade mmj to be sold by pharmacies.... 


once the pharmaceutical system is up and running they're going to pull the home grown/dispensaries carpet right out from under us... taking the money and control and freedom back out of the peoples hands.... the pharmaceutical companies want back the money they're losing to people using cannabis to relieve their ailments.


To achieve it they will pay off politicians to pass laws that give them exclusive rights to grow and sell mmj..... only pharmaceutical grade mj will be legal.


we must expose this ploy and nip it in the bud!! vote No on Pharmaceutical grade Cannabis!!

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If you look at Florida's MMJ laws and how everything is going to work in this state, is basically exactly what you are describing in your post;


a couple of days ago they rejected the bill that would allow Florida CardHolders TO GROW IN THEIR OWN HOMES. We are now FORCED to only purchase from dispensaries AND they plan on having a website set up so you go to the website, find the bud you want, and they then redirect you to the closest dispensary according to your address.

The politicians have to make their money back, and letting people grow out of their homes would slow that down for them... Pretty bad that we have to rely on other people to produce 'quality' medicine.

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:/ One good thing is, at least marijuana is somewhat "legal" now.. It's going to take a while but soon its going to be common to find relief from MMJ.. We just have to play the game until the government can't fight the losing war anymore..

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If you think meds are expensive now. Wait til the big pharms get their greedy hand in the candy dish. The last thing any of us want is our government controlling and regulating any further then taxing us as a caregivers. The law clearly says caregivers are allowed compensation for services to help with the care and costs of cultivation meds for a registered qualified patient. I would be glad to pay. As far as provision centers go. I feel ALL patients deserve the right to their meds and if they can't grow for them selves they should have a place to get meds from. I AM A FIRM BELIEVER THAT AS LEGAL CAREGIVERS AND PATIENTS WE ARE ALL CONNECTED THROUGH THE MEDICAL MARIJUANA PROGRAM.

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Just when you think things are getting better and there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Then I read this, its true, I feel the same about the issue and I fear that making it 100% legal means that its only going to be 100% legal for the corporations.  Then 100% of the money for the corporations and so on.  I have been doing small farming for myself for years, chickens, tomatoes etc and other friends have done the same and more.  Each year they take for rights away from people who want to live a little slower life and a little less dependent from the Big stores.  In my opinion just read the laws on selling at farmers markets, and raising live stock. The same will happen to the MM.  And they will use the same logic its safer for everyone.  My question is safer how?  Safer because they use FDA approved pesticides, Chemicals in the soil or dirt?  I love my vegetable garden and chicken eggs, I know whats in them and how they where grown.   I can only imagine what a commercial pharmacy would do to the MM.   Also check out IL's MM growers, Lets see the biggest grower is owned by  a mayor, chief of police and owner of a strip club.  Guess they had better credentials then us.  I fear trix is right.  but I hope trix is so wrong.  

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