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Prepping For Disaster(S). Economic Collapse? Long Term Food Storage - A Necessary Life Skill. Best Hand Pump For Water Wells.



In the house of the wise are stores of choice food and oil, but a foolish man devours all he has. Proverbs 21:20


Well there are a gazillion conspiracy theories out there. I must admit, I am a Christian and also believe in the Shmeta, a 7 year cycle. This Shmeta year is extraordinarily biblical, 4 blood moons, star of Bethlehem, the biblical aspects of this year goes on and on, with many events to happen in September and soon after. This is not a blog to fear monger, just informational.


I have done a lot of research over the years on this, but am just getting started on the prepping, better late than never. Start off small and when you buy groceries, get a little extra to put away. Don't put all of your eggs in one basket. You may want to consider stocking up on items for bartering. The thing I keep hearing of the most to invest in is gold and silver. Well, I don't have the cash flow for that and don't know of many that do. I am more concerned with survival over any financial investments. For those who can afford to invest in precious medals, turn that focus to food and water.


A quick word of warning when it comes to prepping. You need to keep it to yourself for 2 reasons. 1: you don't want everyone kicking in your door if the SHTF (bunny muffin hits the fan) and taking all of your resources. You can't predict the actions of a desperate and hungry person. 2: our government will put you on a list as a potential terrorist if you have a food and water supply of 7 days or more. That was from a speech given by Rand Paul and I have to believe him.



Let's get the "tough guy" things out of the way. With most preppers, the first thing that comes to mind is guns and ammo. That is on the bottom of my list, not to say it is not an important thing to have. It could be one of the most valuable. Here is my best advice.


Have a 12 gauge shotgun. I would recommend a Mossberg 590 Military Special with a bayonet lug. That is around $350 and considered the most reliable firearm in the world. Here is a link to the model bayonet I have, the M7 bayonet with the M10 sheath. http://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/us-spec-military-style-m7-bayonet-with-m10-style-sheath?a=1884227


I would recommend two different types of handguns. I would only choose a handgun that is concealable so you can blend in. A 357 revolver would be a good choice because it can accept 38 special and 38+P bullets along with the 357 mags. They are all common bullets and that is why I consider the 357 an all around good revolver. A decent 357 revolver cost around $500.


For a high capacity handgun, a pistol, I would have to recommend a 9mm baby Glock (G-26). It is the smallest 9mm Glock makes and accepts all 9mm clips Glock makes, including the 33 round clip. The G-26 is around $500. I like the gen 3 model the best. A downside with the Glock, you cannot use reloads. Of course extra ammo is a must, how much, well, I do not know.


If I had to choose an inexpensive assault rifle, but of quality, I would choose an AK-47. However, it can't be the cheap stamped steel version; it would have to be a higher quality with all milled parts. The price range for the AK-47 starts at about $350 and can go up to $1,000. You can easily get full metal jacket bullets rather inexpensively.


If you want an American, quality, low cost assault rifle, I would recommend a Reuger mini 14. This firearm takes the .223 bullets. The cost is around $500 and up depending on the options.


The last recommendation for a firearm, if you are looking for an elite assault rifle type of weapon, I would have to recommend this website: http://hdfirearms.com/ When it comes to firearms, it is not about how cool it looks or how expensive it is. It is how comfortable and confident you are with handling it. I have seen people at the firing range with the original Russian SKS, from the 1940s, with open sights and hitting the bull's eye without failure. It must be the authentic Russian model, not the Chinese knock off. When it comes to the AK-47 or Russian SKS, I do not recommend using American bullets. Use Russian or foreign military light armor piercing bullets, preferably Russian. Enough with the guns, not what this blog is about, just had to get that out of the way.




These are skills everyone should have, not because of "dooms day", but for self reliance. It is common sense to be prepared for any type of disaster. There are hundreds of different disasters that could occur from tornadoes and snowstorms to earthquakes and volcanoes. How well you are prepared can be the difference of life or death or whether or not you and your family will be made to suffer and for how long.


Prepping used to be a standard lifestyle. We have become so dependent on government, big businesses, technology, and the power companies. In the past, 90% of the populous lived in rural areas. Now it is the opposite. I can't imagine what it would be like in the city if the power were to go out for 2 weeks, especially in the northern states during the winter. If everybody had some form of investment in preparing, it would not be much of a problem. The way society is today, we need to ask; What will you do for clean water or food? We have seen the government fail; remember the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina? It would be impossible for the government to aid and protect us all if there were a big disaster. Such as, what if the New Madrid fault line were to become active like it did many years ago? I believe that was the worse documented earthquake in the US. It went off for days. The epicenter was in the part of the US where Tennessee, Kentucky, and Arkansas meet, and the effects were felt all the way to New York. The quake caused church bells to ring. It was so intense, and went on for so many days that people began to fall to their knees believing it was the wrath of God and began to repent. Do some research on the Madrid fault line, you will be shocked. For those in the west, what if the Yellowstone super volcano erupts? That could potentially take out 1/3 of the US.


It is not a matter of if; it is a matter of when a disaster happens. Currently, we are overdue for an EMP from the sun. This event has been documented as occurring every 100 to 150 years. The last time it happened, it destroyed every electronic device on earth. Even items that were not connected started smoking and burned up (telegraph equipment, etc.) If that were to occur today in America, it is estimated that up to 90% of the populous would die within 2 weeks. Our power grids are very fragile. It could take 5 to 15 years to replace depending on the amount of damage. The main elements of the power grids are very complex, made in China, and takes years to have just one made. Our power grids are not adequately protected in this country.

This will give you an idea as to how fragile the power grids are.


Our entire country is extremely fragile in many ways. We have our lowest food reserves and lowest water reserves. Clean, safe drinking water is becoming more difficult to access. not to mention a full economic collapse, we are not immune to that. We could be in the same predicament as Greece not long from now since the global currency is in the process of being changed. Surely there will be some type of financial crises. If you ask me, the economy looks worse than ever, just being masked by the petro dollar and that can only last so long.


Prepping will have different requirements for each individual or family. I will be focusing on my plan. I live in a rural area. Many people discuss "bugging out". I plan to hold down the fort. I feel that bugging out during a crisis can be dangerous for many reasons. This is not to say that for others, it may be the best choice.


WATER: That is the most difficult essential item for most to prepar for. There are many that take it to the extreme in storing water for a crisis. The average person requires 1 to 2 gallons of water per day minimum. This is only for eating and drinking.


I am fortunate when it comes to the issue of water. I have a newly installed 5" hand pump deep well that has been approved by the health department as potable (safe for drinking). My water storage is safely underground.


We are already in the beginning of a major water crisis across the entire country. At least referring to the cities and water treatment plants, not to mention the intense droughts in the west. Also, Flint, Detroit, and cities in Ohio, the water that they are receiving is not considered safe to drink and does not comply to federal laws. In other words, it is potentially poisonous dirty water. The problem is only going to get worse. Within the next 5 years it is expected that water prices will double across the nation. Here is a worthy article to read over. This article will give an idea of how serious and expensive this problem is for our nation. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/drinking-water-systems-imperiled-by-failing-infrastructure/ar-AAeNjqY?li=AA54ur#image=1


Here is a disturbing article concerning the water supply for Flint, MI. They have been poisoning people and manipulating the test results. Expect this to be carried out across the country. Greed has taken over! http://detroit.cbslocal.com/2015/10/08/lax-water-system-oversight-manipulated-data-lead-to-public-health-crisis-in-flint-researcher-says/

Here is a video where it is taken to the extreme when it comes to water storage. Not saying that you should go to this extreme, but everyone should have an adequate supply of clean water stored. He provides many good tips. nutnfancy has a wide range of videos from firearms to food when it comes to survival.




FOOD: Food storage is not difficult, or expensive, even for someone living in an apartment. It can get expensive if you choose to purchase freeze dried goods, which can last 20 to 30 years and no refrigeration is necessary, until opened for some items. Even meat is available freeze dried. If you are fortunate enough to have the money to invest, you can get everything you need in freeze dried form here: http://shop.honeyville.com/



I for one do not have the finances to invest in freeze dried foods. I fall into the category of the mid to low expense investment. I have decided to start preparing my own dried food supply. I have invested in 2 essential tools to begin my journey. The first item is the Excalibur food dehydrator. I have the Excalibur 3920TB Food Dehydrator which is a 9 try unit with a built in timer. It has good customer reviews and was reasonably priced (through Amazon.com). Excalibur makes smaller units with just as good of ratings. The next item I have invested in is the FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealing System and also the FoodSaver Kit wide-mouth jar sealer, regular sealer, and accessory hose. The FoodSaver investment cost under $150 with the jar sealing accessory kit. I highly recommend the FoodSaver equipment for all marijuana growers. From now on I will be vacuum sealing all of my jarred buds for optimum freshness and longevity.


The opportunities are endless for long term storage of food which are affordable and efficient. To start, buy dry goods in bulk, like at Sam's Club or Costco. A 50 pound bag of rice can be purchased for under $20. Check out this video where the guy stores 50 pounds of rice in canning jars.


Another example of storing dry rice for long term using mylar bags: This is part 3, and it shows how oxygen absorbers are used.



There are other methods, like mylar bags, food grade buckets, etc. I like the glass jars because rodents cannot get into them. However, as the saying says, "don't put all your eggs in one basket", it may be wise to use all methods. What if the jars get broken, from an earthquake for example?


Oxygen absorbers are also good to have on hand when preparing foods for long term storage. With certain methods, you may wish to use oxygen absorbers in addition to vacuum sealing. There are many videos on YouTube that show many different techniques of long term storage of foods. As I learn more, I will add it to my discussion.


The food dehydrator is great for long term storage of foods as well as making simple, healthy snacks for anytime. Dried fruit are transformed into simple, healthy snacks that last a long time, do not require refrigeration, and taste like candy!


Along with the food dehydrator I also purchased The Ultimate Dehydrator Cookbook by Tammy Gangloff, Steven Gangloff & September Ferguson. I plan to invest in other books for a more diverse viewpoint on dehydrating and storing food. There are some awesome recipes for "instant, just add water meals" that can be prepared utilizing dried meats and vegetables. Just imagine the space you can save, not only for long term food storage, but even for daily use!


It is time for a lifestyle change. Buy organic fruits and vegetables, no more pre-canned preservative ridden food from the grocery store. Yes, canned goods are not all bad to have around and good to stock up on by means of prepping. Most canned goods can go beyond the printed use by dates as well. Either way, I plan to change my ways to a more healthy way of life and it begins with food. In the end the equipment will have paid for itself. Buying in bulk, preparing food for long term and short term use provides less waste and can save a family well over $1,000 a year in food purchases alone.

Here are a couple of videos showcasing the use of freeze dried and dehydrated food and long term food storage.



Christy Jordan has a lot of great videos on dehydrating foods. This video is about dehydratig ground beef. You must be careful with storing any meat, it must be fat free. The fat will cause the meat to go rancid no matter how dry the meat is. Dehydrated ground beef can potentially store for 2 years or longer without refrigeration.



FUEL: I am only planning to store 10 gallons of treated gasoline. I probably should store more, but space is a concern. I don't want to put all of my reliance on gasoline or electronically operated equipment.


Heat for the colder climates. I haven't done too much research on this. Currently I burn wood for heat. I purchase a season supply of wood every spring. The wood burning stoves do not require electricity and that is a plus.



More to come as I get more involved...


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The most important prep is knowledge. Know how to grow raise hunt or trap and preserve food. Know basic first aid have at least a 3 month supply of medication. Know how and where to obtain safe drinking water

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great post thanks!


I added solar panels to the list three years ago, a house interface, portable inverters, seeds for 45 acres. stocked pond, full chicken/duck coop, a wall of game traps, unhunted property full of big/small game,  my pole barn grow room can be converted(and has been) to a steel sided greenhouse in an afternoon. 12 roof panels in storage, and voila!, the three of us still have cannabis!  Solar chargers, lights, inverters, attic fans, water pumps, air pumps..all stocked now. I'll miss people, a little.

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grassmatch - solar panels is on my wish list. Rule of thubm about a buck a watt.


At least I finally got the hand pump installed on my well. Nice clean water too!


Deep woods hand pump deep well with perfectly fresh and drinkable water!


well 8 5 15 021

hand pump 8 5 15 030

hand pump 8 5 15 027

Not quite finished yet. Needs to have a platform built around it for stability and ease of use. Might even put a picnic table in the area too!
The best well driller here in Central Michigan who offers the best service and price is Dodd and Son Well Drilling, LLC. http://www.doddwells.com/If you are in the Central Michigan area and need a well drilled or repaired, I highly recommend Dodd and Son Well Drilling if you want quality, honesty, and a fair price.
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I Have been playing around with the food dehydrator and I love it!


Here are a few examples: 


A 3 pound bag of petite carrots, dehydrated.

petite carrots 8 5 15 024

petite carrots 8 5 15 025


Seriously, that was a 3 pound bag! I will be transferring them to a canning jar then vacuum seal for long term storage.


3 small apples sliced into bite size pieces:

apple 8 5 15 023

Perfect alternative to snacking on potato chips!


5 medium bananas, sliced.

banana 8 5 15 011

Yummy sweet snack!


1 pineapple sliced.

Pineapple 8 5 15 010

This is in a quart size zip-loc bag. Such a delicious sweet sanck!
Just look at the possibiliteis with the dehydrated foods. You have the option of long term storage, ease of a quick grab-and-go snack with the fruits, and less storage space needed. It is nice being able to store food when it does not require refrigeration. I plan to experiment with more vegetables and put together "instant" meals like vegetable soups and stews.
Next on the agenda: BEEF JERKEY
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Just last night I dehydrated some fresh melon. It is amazing how good it tastes! What a sensible snack. Just as I said before, much better than potato chips!


Here is about 1 whole honeydew melon, 2/3 cantaloupe, and about one half of a seedless watermelon.

Dehydrated melon 8 5 15 042


I think I prefer the fruit dehydrated. So much more convenient and so tasty too! Less waste, no more black bananas going into the trash when there is not time to make muffins or bread.


Purchase large quantities of berries in season, dehydrate, vaccuum seal, and store. You can have delicious blueberry muffins any time of year without having to pay a fortune for fresh berries. The possibilites are endless...


The Excalabur 3920TB Food Dehydrator which is a 9 try unit with a built in timer: At first I thought the 9 tray unit would be too much. I was wrong, it is perfect! The book on top is  The Ultimate Dehydrator Cookbook by Tammy Gangloff, Steven Gangloff & September Ferguson.

Excalabur Food Dehydrator 7 23 15 010

Let's talk a bit about the vacuum sealer. I have the FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealing System and also the FoodSaver Kit wide-mouth jar sealer, regular sealer, and accessory hose.

Vacuum Sealer 7 23 15 011

Vacuum seal accessories 7 23 15 015


It's not just for food :) . It seems to work well with my cannabis. I vacuum sealed some in jars and also in a bag. The bag sealing has a downside with the cannabis. It smooshes it, causes some of the trichs to stick to the bag, and kind of bricks up the product. Then again, for long term storage, it can be worth it. Easy to store large quantities with out the bulky jars. A good way to protect your medicine. Me personally, I prefer the jars. Actually, the vacuum sealer is a good too to protect any medications.

MRS vacuum sealed 7 23 15 020

Vacuum Sealed 7 23 15 024


From now on, whether it is cannabis or food, I am vacuum sealing my jars.


The vacuum sealer is a great tool for storaing fresh foods as well as dehydrated foods. Recently I purchased some ground round (90/10) for only $378/pound. The packages were just under 5 pounds. I measured out 2 pounds and mixed in 2 tablespoons of seasoned bread crumbs and about 1 cup of shredded white cheddar and colby/jack cheese. Mixed it up real well and made up 9 1/4 pound hamburgers. I froze the patties for about 2 hours as the FoodSaver directions state, then vacuum sealed the patties individually. This makes for easy, long term storage of the fresh meat. The other meat I simply measured out 1/2 pound batches, froze for about 2 hours, and vacuum sealed for furture use. This fresh hamburger is much better than what I have received from Omaha Steaks or even Kansas City Steak Co.


These packages were taken out of the freezer so a little frost developed on them before I could take the picture.

vacuum sealed hamburgers 8 5 15 041


One item I will be buying in bulk from now on is white rice. A 50 pound bag for just under $17! I will put about 2 pounds into quart size cannig jars, vacuum seal, and store. It should be good for 20 years in storage.

50 Lb. rice 7 23 15 018



I started thinking this way since I have lost faith in our society globally. I trust God and the best advice I have is to surrender to Jesus Christ. I certainly do not trust the American government!





I do have a strong trust in my faith. As you can see here in this snapshot of a YouTube video, you can see that strange events take place on Jewish holidays during the end of the Shmita cycle. This does not count the star of Bethleham which I believe also was visible during a Jewish holiday.

biblical times 2015 8 5 15 013


I have seen many videos that are just as bad. That is why I am preparing, but have learned that really, it is a better way of life and can save thousands in grocery bills. Buy in bulk, or catch the awesome sales. Dehydrate and vacuum seal or just vacuum seal and store in the freezer. Its a win/win actually. Even the hand pump well is a win/win for me. The power went out? For me, I don't have to worry about not having water even when the power is out.


I have lost all trust when it comes to the power company providing power. I can't count the number of outages we have had, even during good weather. It kind of forced me to switch to burning wood for heat. Thankfully I live up north in the woods where it is more convenient to make that adjustment.

Here is a winter season of wood for my heating needs. This is 14 bundles of slab wood from the Amish saw mills. I get it delivered and stacked behind my garage. 

wood For heating 7 21 15 014

I can't wait to expirament more with my food dehydrator and share with you some really cool recipes.
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I've some questions for you Lady , I hope you don't mind.


I've looked into these well pumps. My scene has the same pipe and cap)steel though  I think(?)  and this has a deep in the well pump.   if yours is like that and someone put a pump on top of it, and everything else still works perfectly, and with no power you can pump, and winter is no issue.....then I want one.....rough cost please of hand pump/install?


that slab of wood.....cost please?


I know its all over the map depending on season, distance, etc. .....just trying to figure out logistics...


you really should move closer to me before you hunker down too much....

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grassmatch I will do my best to answer, but I don't have all of the answers regarding the well.

Updated information, see two posts below


My house has an old 2" well with an external pump that provides great water.


The new well was put in on my property that is next to me. The new well is a 5" PVC. I am not sure how much just the well cost was, but the package with the hand pump and all of the necessary accessories was estimated at just under $4,900 for a 100 foot well. Luckily on my property they did not have to drill that deep to get to good water. My cost was around $4,300. More than $1,000 cheaper than any other well drillers around. I have worked with Dodd and Son before and I like their work and their ethics.


I believe it will work all winter. The well man asked and we said yes we would probably be using it in the winter should there be a power outage. He drilled a hole in the drop pipe at 4 feet (below the frost line) so that the pump and pipe will drain and not freeze. Downside, it takes about 5 pumps to start getting water. Otherwise you would have to figure out how to drain it in the winter to prevent cracking. I am going to play it safe and when I build the platform around the well I will also have a pavilion put up. Then get one of those tiny wood burners to warm the pump site when needed. If an emergency occured, I will put up temporary walls in the winter, fire up the wood burner if it is below freezing, and I got water. This may not be necessary, but we know how cold it can get here in MIchigan. Just for a basic power outage and a couple days use, there should not be a problem with freezing during the winter when pumping water. During a catastrophy, getting water daily during the winter, it may be necessary to have a heat source available to prevent the pump from freezing when drawing water.


I have done a little research on running 2 drop pipes in the same well where the hand pump would be off-set with an egg shaped collar. I don't think that is useable with a submersable pump unless it were a 6" or 8" well. I am just guessing here, I asked all of the well guys and none said they had even heard of running a dual set up. They said that they would have to see it to understand how it worked. I am just guessing a 4" would be the smallest it could be done with. That is what you have, 4" well casing (you can't get a good steel well anymore, the pipe is no longer manufactured in US, it all comes from China and it is junk), mine well is 5" PVC. The 5" PVC would probably be the same. You would have to change out your electric pump to a 2" set up with an external pump so both drop pipes can fit in the 4" casing next to each other and that would be a tight fit. The pipe to the 2" electric pump would have to go to a T fitting mounted to the 4" casing, the 2" electric pump motor can be quite a distance away if necessary. My old house well was hooked up like that. I had a 2" well, but the pump and motor were installed inside the house, about 30 feet from the actual well. That well was 120 feet deep. Don't see that very often though with the pump in the house. Mine worked just fine. The cost to convert an existing 4" well with a submurged pump into a dual pumping well would probably not be worth it since you would have to change your existing drop pipe and other parts. Not 100% sure here, only guessing. Again, this is my best guess, I have not been able to confrim it but it is the way that makes sense to me.


If you plan to own your property for the rest of your life, there is nothing wrong with investing in an additional well with a hand pump. At first I was thinking of it like you, trying to get 2 for 1, but none of the well guys seemed confident in that. I didn't mind investing in my additional property since I love the property so much.


When I have the slab wood delivered I usually have to purchase a minimum of 11 bundles to get a good deal. The truck they bring it on has this cool claw mechanism on a boom. The claw can grab the bundles and stack them easily. During the more mild winters I used almost all 11 bundles. With these last few deep freeze winters I have had to use more, up to 14. The last delivery was two loads, 11 bundles then an additional 3, and the cost was just under $500, so I just gave him the $500 to give him a tip. We could fetch the wood ourselves for $20 per bundle, but that is a lot of work loading then unloading the trailer, not to mention the wear and tear on the vehicle taking multiple trips. My son is happy that we have it delivered now! He doesn't mind cutting it, just didin't like fetching it. That amount of wood, 14 bundles) easily heats my house for the entire winter as well as late fall and early spring. The chain saw consumes about 5 gallons of gas per season and I go through 2 chains, sometimes more. After burning up a lot of different chain saws over the years, I would have to say our favorite is the Jonsred 16" 45cc. If I had to choose something else it would be Huskevarna. Actually they are made by the same company, but, not all of the parts are interchangable.


I think that about covers it.


I had seen advertisements about running dual well pumps on 4" and larger wells, but could not get confirmation from the well drillers themselves. If you purchase a hand pump, I highly recommend American made. On the top of my hand pump there is a spot to connect a windmill to it! Too bad it is in the middle of the woods! LOL I also purchased an adapter for the faucet that can thread to a hose and pump water above your head or into an RV (with a hose that is meant for drinking water for the RV).


After living up north a while I have learned where to find the good deals and who to get the best work done from.

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For how crazy things have been looking these days, and how many biblical events that have been prophesized and fulfilled, I choose to spend half of the money I saved for a new metal roof on the well. I have no regrets even if no disasters happen. Too much like the Twilight Zone these days. Already had a power outage since getting the well. Sure is a good feeling knowing I have access to water even if it is only to flush the toilet with a bucket.


I am also fortunate this way. I have a wood buring stove at each end of my house. Half of my house can be easily blocked off, the side with all of the plumbing. So, if I had to, I could get by blocking off half the house and only using one wood burner. Might have to camp out on the kitchen floor though!!

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Update: I am guessing you have an older 4" American steel well. In a way you are lucky, can't get good American steel anymore. I probably would have chosen a 4" steel well, but the steel pipe available is manufactured in China.


I was right when I said a hand pump can be added to a 4" existing well, but it can be a pain. The 4" is the smallest that it can be done with when it has a submersable electric pump. If you can get a 1" pipe to go down your well, then you should be able to have a dual hook up. This website http://www.deanbennett.com/y2kemergencyhandpump.htmtalks about it. The link is to their emergency hand pump. It is the real deal and is quality. If I already had a 4" well, I would have considered the emergency hand pump. I do like the idea that my seperate property has its own well with an old fashioned look to it.


This emergency well pump may be more than what you were hoping for. You may be able to run your house with it and pressurize your existing system. It may take some extra fiddling to get the 4" to work.


Take a look at the Q & A at the bottom of the page link I provided. It should answer most of your questions, but keep in mind the questions and answers may not be complete and can be a bit deceiving. I would contatct them for your specific questions.


Another solution, maybe going with a shallow well with a hand pump. You can filter and boil the water for cooking and bathing. The Baker company offers both types of well pumps. I trust the Baker Company products. They seem to really stand behind their products and answer many questions that other pump manufacturers do not. Make sure you check out their entire site. The page links are at the bottom.


If I already had a 4" well like you, I would have put my hand pump on the 4" well and I would have drilled a new 5" well for the house. I am not really a fan of the 2" wells because you can't pump as much water from them and there are not as many options.


My new hand pump is by Baker. It would require a minimum of a 10" diamter well to use the hand pump with a submersable pump. So for people like us with wells smaller than 10", the stainless steel emergency pump is a good option or go with 2 wells like I just did. I can even attach an electric or gasoline pump on my hand pump well to supply my house if I want. It seems that Baker is the heavy duty set up for hand pump wells with many options.


Here is another page of information http://www.deanbennett.com/how-to-put-hand-pump-in-my-water-well.htm


Make sure you take a look at the pitless adapter. You probably already have on on your well and you can install one yourself with the tools they offer so you can use the hand pump in the winter during emergencies.

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For a s hit hits the fan scenario, you may want to consider a guard dog or two. For each individual, a different breed will serve better. Whether it be a small dog to alert you or a german shepherd that gets along better in a group. Alaskan Malamute are good pack dogs. I would have to say the Malamute is the toughest of them all, at least mine was. I saw a survival video and the guy had a pack of german shephers and some he had titanium teeth implanted replacing their canine teeth.


For me, I choose an American Akita. They do not work well in packs, but work great with the family. They are very squirrely and unpredictable with strangers. Very tough and agressive. My Akita would protect any family member with his life. When a stranger is around my property, I feel more comfortable confronting the stranger with my Akita over a gun. All I would have to do is drop the leash and the Akita would know exactly what to do. Let's just hope I never have to do that.

In the pictures below he is not quite 2 yet. Currently he is just over 2 now.

Akita 4 20 15 025 cropped

Handsome 4 20 15 028

Giving mama hugs 2 25 15 024


Here is a basic video on guard dogs. There is not a video that I completely agree with that I have found yet on YouTube. For some reason Alaskan Malamute, which is the strongest dog in the world, the second strongest I would say is the Saint Benard, are not in any of the videos I have seen so far. The people posting the lists are greatly mistaken. A Caucasion may be stronger the the Saint, but not against a Malamute. If they were stronger than the Malamute, then why haven't they proven it and be in the record book as the first dog to out pull a Malamute? No other dog has outpulled a Malamute. For my situation, an Akita suites me best. The Akiat has been trained for over 4,000 years to protect humans and to attack humans.

Top 30 Guard Dogs



My old dog was probably one of the strongest dogs in the world. A wooly alpha male Alaskan Malamute. Strength wise, my Malamute was invincible. He would break logging chains attached to his choke chain at will. The downside with the Malamute is they are people oriented. They could be easily tricked by a stranger with food. They are not as protective of the property, but very protective of the family.

Shadow 41609 135



The Akita is the opposite. The Akita does not like strangers and can be very agressive with people. The Akita cannot be as easily tricked with food. If my Akita is a little upset with me, he even refuses steak! They have a lot of self control when it comes to food and are very intelligent.

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Conspiracy videos, movies, and such, and another blog in regards to things not seeming right these days.




More videos to come.

Here are a couple of movies.


The Day After









2022 - Tsunami


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This is our government discussing EMP. It is the real deal, it is a great threat.

Part 1



Part 2



I haven't even scratched the surface. There is so much crazy stuff going on it is ridiculous. Whether it is aliens, planet X, or fallen angels. Times are crazy, we all know something is not right. Let's not forget about Cern, the gigantic particle collider and Satan worship.

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Thanks to Norby from the MMMA forums, this link will show you the mushrooms you can eat. Many of them I recognize in my woods, I had no idea whether or not they were safe to eat until now. Of course you need to be aware of the poisonous look alike. I love it when I find a few morels on my property. I only find them here and there though. http://www.midwestmycology.org/Mushrooms/Mushroom%20study%20guides.html


Need to do more research of other plants in my woods that are edible.

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Check out this video. They show driving through the California wildfires. Pretty intense.


Sad, our governments are more concerned with the Syrian refuges, weapons, and war than what is going on in our own country. They may have to evacuate a large portions of CA. Not just due to the wildfires, but also due to the drought, no drinking water.



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Food storage.

This is most of my stores. Have about 500 pounds of food vacuum sealed for long term storage. Really couldn't afford it, but I don't regret the investment. Rather have it an not need it vs. need it and not have it.

food storage 9 29 15 025

Not too late to start storing food for emergencies.
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I have a bit more food than what is shown above, but need to get more.


Now that our government is challenging China and Russia, I feel more uncomfortable. Future war could be EMP strikes, cutting fiber optic cables, or shooting down satellites. Our society depends on those things.


Here is another very serious reason to start prepping now. This person recommends 1 year worth of food per person. I have seen quite a few videos. He may not mention the food amount in the following video. He also recommends having firearms (weapons), to protect your food supply. I highly recommend to watch this video. Just another catastrophe that may come. Our sun is going into hibernation. This could mean not enough food or fuel. Crops would be damaged. This guy is a specialist and knows what he is talking about and has the credentials to back it up. NASA, other government departments, and other specialty areas. There are other videos backing his claims. It has already begun, it started in 2013.



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Back to weapons and protection.


Be sure to have a decent quality folding knife that can be carried in your pocket. Something like the large Cold Steel Espada. Nothing smaller will be adequate. Anything smaller than a 5.5 inch blade, you will need to be super tough. A blade that is 5.5 inches or larger and razor sharp can be the difference of life and death.


Don't underestimate the Large 5.5 inch or the Extra Large 7.5 inch Cold Steel Espada. It will take practice to open quickly since they are so large, but the practice will be well worth it.



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