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Hello From Lansing

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Hello Everyone,


I am very impressed by the new site. I have been a lurking member for around a year and half, but this is the first time I have logged on in over 4 or 5 months.


Any way a little bit about me. I am a 20 yr survivor of AIDS and have been diagnosed with Severe periphrial Neuropathy. I have been on opiate pain meds for the past 13 yrs with lesss than satisfactory results. I have spoken with my HIV spcealist and my Primary Care Doctors, both of which are supportive of the new law and its use in Michigan. Unfortuantly both of them are prohibited from reccomending the use of Canabis for medical treatment. The best they have been able to offer at this point is Drobinal/Marinal and Morphine.


I have been trying to find a doctor for obtaining the reccomendation, but am having trouble coming up with the fee for services that are required. I understand that the Dr needs to make money from the process, but when you live on a fixed income $220 is a huge ammount to come up with. If anyone has an idea of how to obtain the recommendation, at a cost that is affordable I would love to hear from you.


I recently have moved from the hinterlands to civilization and am hoping to hook up with a CC in my area. I want to make sure that I adhere to the letter of the law, as much as that is possible. I would love to make connections with peope in my area so if you are from Lansing please say Hi.


Well I am off to peruse the site I hope that everyone is having a great day, and I look forward to meeting you all.

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I completely understand the financial issues. The cost of the visit can really put a crimp in the works for many patients.


Just a suggestion, ask your primary care doctor and HIV specialist if they know of any doctors in the community who are not restricted by their medical practice's rule from recommending marijuana. Explain the financial difficulties for you in going to one of the marijuana clinics. They may know someone who could issue you a recommendation and could refer you for a consultation. Local doctors often talk with other doctors in the area and yours might be willing to ask around for you.

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