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Smoking While Trying To Keep Your Job. How Much Are You Concerned?

Smoking and keeping your job  

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  1. 1. How many people are smokers and in fear of losing there jobs?

    • Not worried - i'm cool
    • Very concerned
    • in fear of losing my job
    • Self employed
    • unemployed
    • My boss knows and doesn't care
    • I Didn't know you can be fired for Medical Marijiuna
    • I used a product like synthetic urin or a drink to cover up my usage
    • I don't give a RIP, I hope they find out and fire me so I can start a big discrimination lawsuite
    • I got a script for Marinol and that covers me
    • I'm on Disability ( SSI or SSD )

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Just a friendly poll.


Now I’m just trying to get a consensus on how people can smoke pot and maintain a job and are worried they might get fired for usage. Remember the Joe C deal from Wal-Mart in Battle Creek? He was an outstanding employee who has a card and got fired because of MJ.


Now I know some people are unemployed or self employed. But I believe that cannot be the majority.


I know there is the synthetic urine and cleansing drinks. But are there a lot of people out there getting fired on random wiz quizzes?? I know employers can fire employees even if they have a card.


My idea is to play it safe and get a prescription for Marinol. So it would be safe to pee dirty because you have a prescription.


So I just wanted to know whose doing what to make sure they don’t lose there jobs while they smoke.

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Last I knew, a Marinol script was 1200 bucks a month. :o


My place of employment was cool with my situation. The boss just told me if I ever hurt myself on the job that they couldn't say I'd get workmans comp(which obviously I wouldn't). Other than that, it was not an issue at all to them. :D


Unfortunately however, I just got laid off a few weeks ago and I have a funny feeling they're going to go under before I get a chance to come back, meaning I'll need to find a new job and just about everyone drops you these days...


Thank God for unemployment. I have the summer off...paid! :P


As far as your questions go, I wish I had more answers for you.

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I found out today I would of had a job at auto zone if I didn't have a possession charge.I was on probation when I applide so I would pass the drug test had a 2 hour interview. I'm in court right now and am charged with mfg 5/45 kilos maintaining a drug house and felony firearm. It looks like I will prob never have a real job again I'm hoping to not get the felony charges I want to go back to school one day.

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I found out today I would of had a job at auto zone if I didn't have a possession charge.I was on probation when I applide so I would pass the drug test had a 2 hour interview. I'm in court right now and am charged with mfg 5/45 kilos maintaining a drug house and felony firearm. It looks like I will prob never have a real job again I'm hoping to not get the felony charges I want to go back to school one day.



Phaq em! when your card expires go back underground and supply the despensarys!

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My DR just gave me a script for Marinol. I medical insurance that covers it for about $30 bucks.


My MMM Dr is out of network though and it cost me $80 cash that i don't really have right now to go visit him for the prescription. But the job is worth the effort and money.

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Right now I am not so concerned but if I become concerned are there ways to clean out your system? I see many things but not sure if any work. Anyone have any luck or proof they work?


Well I know the drinks do work if you get the right one. Here is a website that has reasonable prices. I prefer the syntic urine because it worked for me over 3 times. It has everything you want and everything you don't... Don't feel guilty for smoking pot. Smoking pot is like drinking a beer or wine. Also don't feel nerviness about cheating the Mt.Dew test. We have the right to privacy and the Mt.Dew test only really shows if you smoke pot. All the other drugs like meth, crack, heron disappears from your system in 2 to 5 days on an average any ways. So Mt.Dew tests really only measure if you smoke pot or not because it can stay in your system for 30 or more days.


I will post how to win at the Wiz Quiz. This is an article that I wrote that took me allot of time and I can back it up with my experiences to help you all out.




This kit is actually a double dose. Kind of nice in case you spill your cup! I almost did because I was so freaked out over my job!




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- Synthetic Urine advice - I know this by experience!!


Synthetic urine is great tool. It’s cancelable and it works. Synthetic Urine has everything you need in it and everything you don’t. This is your life and keeping it private is your god given right! Whether you smoke herb or you’re pregnant, you have that right to keep your business private!


Go get the Synthetic Urine and keep it handy with you at work, whether in your car or somewhere hidden at work. Since it’s getting cold the bottle can freeze up in your car like everything else.


Conceal the bottle so if someone finds it they won’t know what it is and that it will be available when you need it the most. Wrap it up in bubble rap or place it in a small package and tape it up good.


- Temperature readings – Very important!


From the get go.


If you cannot see color on the temperature readout tape of the Synthetic Urine bottle it’s either too cold or too hot!! You must be able to see the reading or you will fail! Get the bottle of Synthetic Urine at the proper temperature before you walk into the clinic.


You can heat up the Synthetic Urine using your car windshield heater setting on the way to the clinic. Don't over heat it and keep the temperature strip on the bottle up away from the incoming heat.


Or microwave the bottle (leave the cap on) for 10 seconds for the first time. If its still too cold do no more than 5 seconds, if still too cold repeat another 5 seconds. Average human body temperature is 98.6 degrees. Keep the bottle temperature as close to 98.6 degrees as you can. You are better to be at a slightly lower temperature than higher.


I use a hidden money sack with a zipper that keeps my bottle in my crotch area; also it has a clip on the outside of the sack that keeps it in place while you’re walking around. It’s inexpensive and works well.


Use common sense. Wear loose fitting jeans or pants. If you don’t normally wear this while working keep a pair handy on location or in your car. Loose fitting pants will conceal that bottle bulge.


Use the hand/bottle warmer that comes with the package. Use rubber bands to keep the bottle warmer on. Make sure the temperature tape readout part is not against your skin and not covered up by the bottle warmer. If this is not done correctly the temperature read out will be false and you can get screwed. It seems that the bottle warmer keeps the temperature where it needs to be and will not over heat the bottle or it won’t heat up the bottle. So you need to have the bottle where it needs to be temperature wise; the warmer does not help warm it up. I experimented with this but you should do an experiment as well, that way you know what to do and what to expect. Yeah you will have to get another bottle warmer packet. Make darn sure the replacement bottle warmer is the same size and weight. Get the bottle out heat it up where it needs to be and put the bottle warmer on it properly and walk around with it as if you were going to a Mt.Dew test. I did it for about an hour and pulled it out and did a temperature check. I was good.


The bottle has the right amount of Synthetic urine in it. No need to measure the amount, just pour the entire bottle in your clinic test cup (for the love of god don’t spill any out!).


Don’t be nervous. It’s a mental game. I almost spilled my cup while bringing it out 5 feet from the bathroom to the counter. You only have 1 shot unless you can stuff 2 bottles down your pants.


- Issues and how to over come it and advice -


So you just dumped your urine in the cup and OH NO it’s too hot according to the temperature strip on the clinic cup. No problem. Carefully place the cup half way down in the COLD toilet water till the temperature is just right. Be careful to not make it too cold or get the blue toilet water in your sample. Also a word of caution, don’t take to long in the bath room or they may get suspicious.


Expect this when you go to Mt.Dew. There will be no water available in the test area. No sinks to wash in the test area. The toilet will be secured, no water tanks to gain access to. The toilet water will be dyed dark blue. But at the very first time you Mt.Dew you usually will be unsupervised and in a small bathroom where you will be able to close the door and be by yourself.


DON’T THROW ANY INCRIMANTING ITEMS IN THE TEST AREA TRASH, THEY CHECK THIS! Come on use common sense. The test room will be completely clean with an empty trash can. Stuff the incriminating evidence back in your sack in your crotch area.


Take deep breath and just relax – after all this entire tiny little cup filled with synthetic urine is the only thing keeping you from losing your job that feeds your family and pays the bills.


- Your option if all goes bad -


Let’s hope you do things correctly and don’t cause an alarm. I failed my Mt.Dew test once. I over heated the bottle in my car window defroster. I didn’t know how to read the temperature strip on my bottle. When I poured my synthetic urine in the clinic cup and it was too hot. I didn’t realize I could place the cup in the toilet water for a short bit to cool it down. But anyways, I failed for it was too hot. I choose not to retake it (I would pop positive) and refused to take another test which they needed the next one supervised.


A refusal is an admittance of guilt and considered a fail. They said they would still send it in and any findings will be recorded with the state. I was fine with that since the fake urine had everything it needed and everything I didn’t need it in. They can test it. But never less my job let me go for the refusal, but at least I didn’t pop positive and have that on my permanent record somewhere. My job would not allow me to go back and retest at another time. Its do or die the first time, no second chances! I hated that job anyways and it didn’t pay the bills.


I hope this helps you.


Need more advice on this write me


By Tutman


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