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Judges Can Take Away What The People Voted For.

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The vote for local and State officials / gov reps is JUST as important as the vote for presidents.


Judges can take away what the people voted into law... remember that in November.


Even though the story below involves a 'Federal' judge it is an example of what can happen.



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I am glad to see someone already bringing this up.

I can't stress how important it is to make sure all votes you cast are well thought our and researched.


If you are between to people and can't decide their MMJ stance may be all you need to know to make your decision.


If you do not know their stance write them and ask them, tell them you need to know who supports the state law so you

know who to support financially and with your vote this year!


GREAT post GB!

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All elected officials start working on getting re-elected in the next election as soon as they are sworn in. I tell people this and they just don't seem believe it. If people think they start campaigning about the time we start receiving literature and the commercials start then think again! I was elected into office November of 2008 and have been "campaigning" ever since along with the others who wish to remain seated. This is the very reason why it is so difficult to get rid on some of these idiots who have been seated for what seems like forever. If you want a change in your elected and appointed officials you better start EARLY. I'm just a little local politician but it's my desire to run for state rep for my area and on up from there. I will be one of the biggest supporters of MM that has ever run for office.



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I know for CERTAIN that 'Bouchard', who is running for governor and who happens to be a Republican, is ANTI-MMJ and CANNABIS.


He WILL NOT get MY vote.


NOT because he's a Republican... but because I know FOR SURE that he is ANTI_MMJ / CANNABIS.


I also believe that the MINORML is supposed to be compiling a list of pro-MMJ / cannabis candidates.


But we ALL have to do our own research... and let others know what we find out.

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It would help to know, locale, by locale, just what folks running for office are worth supporting, and which ones should be opposed.


here is one

The will of the people was clear when the ballot initiative passed by as

large of a margin as it did. I support the will of the people to allow

marijuana to be used for medicinal purposes only and the law should be

enforced as such.



Virg http://www.votevirg.com/

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