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Leeching Chlorophyll With Water?

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So a buddy and I were talking about medable preparations.

I have been told that the cannabutter I occasionally make tastes great, distinctive and herbal. Especially now that I've tried the double boiler method.

Well, my buddy said the herby taste is just chlorophyll, and that's not good eats. Not mj tasting enough. And cleaned up, trim has a more hash-like taste, which is far better.


He suggested soaking my trim in cold water for a while to leech out the chlorophyll, then dropping the mass into my melted butter for rendering.

He also suggested shaking the trim in ice water, removing the trim, straining the water, and using the stuff left over in the filter to make my butter. I know that has something to do with the yummy frosty stuff, but it does not sound like it would do much to flavor the butter.


While I'm cool with trying new things, I'm a little leery of dropping a wet mass of trim into a fat, or wet stuff scraped off a coffee filter. I'm also a little leery that I might lose important good stuff too by using either technique.

I think the difference in his thought process and mine is that I want to make good food that also has effect, he wants to make a good effect that might also be decent food.


Has anyone tried these things?

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When I cook whole butter the fat and the solids usually separate. If you leech some of the green out of your medicine and it has excess water after draining it will not hurt the resulting butter. I cool the filtered butter by letting it chill in the fridge uncovered. It will settle in a layer of fat on top and water underneath. I then poke two holes through the fat layer and drain the water out from the bottom. Next I plop out the congealed green butter mass and dry it with some paper towels. It will keep for longer if it is totally dry. Use in the place of any butter in any recipe. I especially like a green buttered English muffin to start my day off right.

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Leaching chlorophyll with water is basically water curing (yeah you can do it with the good stuff too)


AFA the taste of your butter, it's based on FAR more factors than just chlorophyll... AFA I know chlorophyll is not fat soubile(SP?)..


In terms of you dropping a blob of wet stuff into your melted butter, well don't.. and don't do it at a temp high enough to cause boil over..


Now if you are clarifying your butter first, go ahead, but let it cool before you add the other.. most know water and hot oil REALLY don't mix.. lol..


You could hash your trim first if you like, but, think about the shape of a resin gland.. Like a mushroom... Well when you hash, I FEEL that you don't remove the BASE of the gland, leaving a small portion of active ingredients behind.. Butter acts like a solvent, so the glands can't hide from it..


Honestly, I usually make hash, THEN make butter in smaller quantities, so the left-over gland material can be incorporated into the butter.. but knowing that there isn't as much THC available as if I where using un-hashed trim..

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