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How Can I Stop The Emails From Clubs,caregivers,ect

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Over the last year plus I have gotten many emails from caregivers,clubs,ect. How are they getting my email? The only place that has my email is this site! Is there a list I can get taken off? Is it easy to get the list? Does leo have it too?



P.S I forgot to copy my renewal papers before I sent them in. See any prob in that

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Hmm, I get no Emails from here.


As for your renewal papers, without copies how can you prove you are in the process ones your card expires if your new one is not here yet??


It could be a prob if you plan on driving with medicine, going to a private event or Disp.

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I feel left out! I dont get any emails from here or any where else related to mm? am I out of the loop? tongue.gif


Dont give your email adress out to anyone, mark ones you dont want as spam, also if you are getting unwanted emails, forward them to spoof @ what ever .com it came from, that should stop it!


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