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Some Tips For Newbies To Growing Indoors Like Me

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Get this book "Marijuana grow basics" by Jorge Cervantes...It is very useful and uses terminology anyone can understand. Includes 150 different types of grow rooms and a twelve week step by step guide to what you should be doing each week.


Also this book lists a few different trusted sites to get seeds from which I will list on here now for you





Serious Seeds


Green House Seed Co.


Paradise Seeds


Dutch Passion


A recommended site for nutes (nutrients)





I hope this isn't a re-post and I hope it is at all useful

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Just bought " Cannabis Cultivation A complete growers guide " By Mel Thomas also has lots of information on everything I am quite pleased with the book so far kinda textbook like though. "Marijuana grow basics" was right next to it at Boarders looked good was going to pick it up sometime soon; trying to soak the brain with information. About to start my first grow also. FYI if you didnt go to Boarders they have more books than I would have expected about 7 or 8

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