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Oct. 2010


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Guest drcanna-pest

also in each city/township they can "clear up" certain gray areas. ex. withing the city of TC the max numbers of plants per household is 72. Even if you are growing with a co-op and have enough patients. Outside the city limits that does not apply. Commercial property patient to patient exchange of medicine is legal if there is none growing on the premises. Michigan is a great state for Medical Cannabis reform. We are doing very nicely and although things happen along the way many other states will follow suit. We are the only state to honor other state issued cards like Colorado, California, Montana, etc...go there and try to get medicine! Nope! Only in MI can they come here and we will let them medicate. If laws change...it will be for the better.

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We are the only state to honor other state issued cards like Colorado, California, Montana, etc...go there and try to get medicine! Nope!


I live in California but have family in Michigan, so I visit a lot.

You are right about that, and it is one thing Michigan should be proud of.

California's law was written years ago. If it was created now, we would

include reciprocity to other states patients. But even so, there are

still issues due to the fact that all the MM laws are different from

one another.


And, though Michigan allows for Visiting Qualified Patients, just exactly

how are they supposed to get their medicine? Travel by air sometimes

requires layovers in non MM states and if your exit flight is canceled,

you will find yourself with medicine in a hostile state. Visitors to MI

do not have a personal garden, nor do they have the ability to easily get

into a caregiver relationship with someone there. That's what dispensaries

were created for! Them, and everyone else who either doesn't want or have

the ability to grow for themselves. Setting up a relationship with a caregiver

is a fine solution for some, but many don't want or need such a formal regular



The fact is, patients need to travel sometimes, just like everyone else.

That is why a national MM law needs be created so that patients who

travel don't have to become legal experts to figure out how to remain

legal with their medicine.


I think things will get better in MI after a few of the Medical busts

work their way though the court system. They can justify the money

they spend on this crap today, but once the MI courts decide whether

compassion clubs and dispensaries comply with the new law, then there

will be legitimate pressure on them from the district attorneys not

to bring in cases that they cannot win.


Support the folks who are risking their time, money, and reputation

fighting for their rights in the courts and hang in there.

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