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Our Mmj Law Is Against Leo And Judges.

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Our mmj law isn't about what a patient or caregiver is allowed to do.


This law is entirely about what leo and judges CAN NOT do.


This is main problem our system currently has.


These folks expect laws to provide them with tools to be abusive toward the people.

They say "how do we enforce these laws" while looking for the ways that this law provides to be abusive toward the people.

Their idea of enforcing laws is abusing people.


Instead, this law is aimed AT THEM.


In the AD section it says "the case shall be dismissed." Is that an order to a patient or caregiver? No. It is an order. The word "shall" puts it in a absolute category. It doesn't say "the case may be dismissed." It says "shall." That is an order.


Who is this order to? Not the defendant. The defendant can not dismiss their own case.


This is a direct order to every judge in this state.

Many judges don't like having orders aimed at them.

Many feel they can do whatever they like.


A law that is an order to a judge is uncommon. Few are used to the idea that this law is about them. What they must do and what they are not allowed to do.


The police are given orders in this law.

They are not allowed to arrest legal patients and caregivers.

They are not allowed to seize medicine and or any property from legal patients or caregivers.

They are not allowed to take the children from patients or caregivers.


When it comes to "I don't take orders from civilians" police can be worse than judges.

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i can not give you any +Rep's any more so i will give you a :thumbsu: we know that this Law is for the sick

and Leo does not like it we know that to and the word (shall) well we know they don't like it ether


Your judge did not like the direct order. But he obeyed it.


We can't ask for more than that. For judges and police to obey this law that restricts them.

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Awesome points. Definitely the way to look at the situation. The reason I argue the patient and caregiver rights so passionately, is I believe that patients and caregivers need to know what their rights are, so that those LEO and judges don't try to trample on them.


Keep up the great work, and congrats again on the change in status around these parts (if for no other reason it will prevent the fly-by bombings to your rep).

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bobandtorey makes a good point about the law. Indeed, the law is clear but like most issues involving the law and LEO, something gets lost in the translation; apparently some LEO and the courts have decided to use their own prejudices when interpreting the Act's language. As you know, this can entail a lot of stress and there is no way to predict just what any court will rule.


Cases to affect a judicial review through the appeals system will take time and (sadly) quite personal cost to folks like bobandtorey. It is sad but then so is the human condition.


So here's the deal. All the optimistic scenarios about cards, clones, and caregivers is find but in the end it will be the LEO's who make the initial LEO-to-patient contact who will decide how things go. As demonstrated in Oakland County and make other conservative bastions of supposed virtue like Colbry's county this may not go well for the patient.


Be safe, stay quiet, exist below the radar, or, if one is an adventurous soul who wants to meet new friends, push the limits, brag to everyone hither and yon about you grow expertise and hope for the best.


If you are the adventurous type and determined to push the envelope, please drop Cheapo Charlie an e-mail (charlie@cheapo.gyp) if you have some nice carbon filters and 1kw electronic HPS ballasts. He needs a couple of each and is willing to wait until the next sheriff's auction to get them cheap. Just like my mom's caregiver bought mine at pennies on the dollar.

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