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I actually did fine this summer with highs of 85 (even had a spike of 90 degrees.


Plant growth stops above 90 degrees.


I found that as long as you keep the temperature in a ten to 15 degree range - it will not stress the plant. Afterall the plant does grow in very hot climates around the equator. The stress is from extreme temperature VARIATIONS. So if you hit 85 as your high - you should only drop to 75 - 70 for your low.


I think next year I will not grow during July and August - those were the worst months for heat and humidity.

The cost associated with cooling and fighting humitidy - as well as the risk of overloading your home circuit - does not seem worth growing during those two months. (maybe veg)


You can have occasional temperature drops or spikes, if they do not reoccur frequently, they don't seem to stress the plant. I am checking on outdoor grows, and we did have that 54 degree night.



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