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Hey guys-


Setting up a new room, and wanted your opinions on which ballasts are the best value and most popular. In my personal room I have digital greenhouse 1000w digital greenhouse, 2 1000 HPS/MH Xtrasun, and 4 600w digital greenhouse(s). All of mine were purchased before I was even aware of dimable ballasts but they sound interesting. With phantoms, lumateks, next gen, ect and now the dimable features I want to know what you guys would suggest as for which brand to go with or which ones to stay away from.


For the new room I am going to need 4 x 1000w (2 MH, 2 HPS) and 6 x 600w (2 MH, 4 HPS) or all switchable, whatever is proven to be the best by MI growers.


Thanks a lot-


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Still cant beat the value of the digital greenghouse ballasts and htg is second to none in customer service the dimmable feature is kool but ive never found a need for it myself seems to be a fluff feature .


Call tony at htg directly and he will cut you a awesome bulk deal hes a very kool guy.

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I am very happy with Lumatek - I have two of their ballast now.

The 600watt ballast are dimmable, and that helps on very hot days, or even just saving money while vegging.


The super lumens feature is supposed to boost the lumens by 10% - so a 80,000 lumen bulb will be 88,000 lumens.

The ballast can dial down to 360watts, and supposedly I can use a 400 watt bulb in the 600watt system - as long as it is set on 400watts. The dial does 360watts, 400watts, 600watts and Super.


If you are picking up your stuff from HTG in taylor - then fine - they do have good prices. If you are shipping - you are going to lose your discount in the shipping cost.


Otherwise, most grow shops I see are giving discounts to people who even just show their MMMP card - 10% to 15% is how you beat the regular price of $249 for the lumatek 600watt - all shops sell it for the same price, so who ever gives you a discount is your shop!


Also - very important tip - burn your boxes or do a midnight dumpster drop - don't put the boxes for your grow gear out in the trash for your neighbors to see!




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Edit: Removed efficiency comment. Thanks for pointing out the error flyinghigh. I had read dual voltage are less efficient, but that article did not include the new dimming ballast.


A 600W lumatek produces within 5% of the light as a 1000W magnetic ballast and 10-15% more light than competitors. At least according to Lumatek.


For the extra 26 bucks, the lumatek seems to be a better vale than the Green house. The lumatek does not use a fan, so there is less chance of failure.

HTG Green house 600W $153.95, From Plant Lighting Hydroponics Lumatek 600W $180.00


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