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Section E On Application

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I was wondering if anyone has some insight to the pros and cons of checking the box in section E of the application form that says "I additionally authorize the release of my name and date of birth to the law enforcement, to confirm identity, only if law enforcement has provided the Michigan Medical Marihuana Program with my valid registration number".


I was thinking it doesnt matter but i figured I would ask. With the wait time on this whole process better safe than sorry.

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On major pro is that if for some unfortunate reason you find yourself having to speak to an officer about your patient status, he can verify your identity better than without it. One of the main reasons the Auburn Hills police officer, from last nights meeting in Rochester Hills, stated for having difficulties is the verification process, the lein system merely states that a number is valid or invalid, no further identification is provided according to him. The process to call the state is the same for them as it is us, they call the same number and leave a message, and then have to wait to verify the info, and even then as stated before if that box isn't check they might not be satisfied that YOU are the registrant. They HATE that there are no photos on our cards.


With the weight of that pro, I can hardly see a con about this subject to be honest.

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When i filled out my original application in March of this year i was under the assumption that by checking that box the local authorities would be informed that i was a patient in their area. Of course i didnt want that so i didnt check the box.. Now i find out i should have checked the box.. OOOps maybe next year.and of course it makes me worried about if i were to be checked now..

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