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6 FREE Headband seeds!


Reserva Privada Sour Kush AKA Headband has a great yield, and the high is completely medical and not too over-powering. Finding a keeper mother is easy in a pack of 6 and this plant clones easily as well, rooting in 8-10 days. She grows fast in vegetive stage and spreads out wide to produce many tops and an even canopy. Producing heavy resin early and a great aroma, our Headband has bag and head appeal. She doesn’t grow as tall as Sour Diesel or as stretchy as the OG Kush and is not so picky with the nutrients. She has a fuely-soury taste and smell with a long lasting high. She is a good all day smoke that won’t knock you down like some of the heavy indicas and is a good strain for anxiety. This original cross is not the 707 or any other clone only "Headband," this cross was made by reversing the OG Kush to pollinate the Sour Diesel.




3rd Coffeeshop HT Cannabis Cup 2009


Available in 6 feminized cannabis seeds.


I wish Shishkaberry would root in 8 days...Shish has been a pain in the arse to clone. Taking dang near 3 weeks..grrr.


OG x Sour Diesel...intresting....

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Maybe this is the link you want everybody to see ish.....





Thanks TC!

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