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Fake Doctors?

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Guest Medicinal Patient

I'm just wondering if it is a serious concern when trying to get my card? If so how can a make sure a doctor is legit?


The state mdch checks every Doc rec that comes thru their office to confirm the Doc wrote the rec. Its also required that the Doc provide his License Number on every physician certificate that they sign for the patient. I am pretty sure all the Docs writing recs these days have a legit track record writing recs and having them approved by the state. If you are concerned with a specific Doc that you are interested in seeing I am sure people here could vouche for that Doc. There is also a number I think or maybe website where you can check the legitimacy of each Docs license number and credentials. Good question tho! I never thought of that as a possibility. Someone would have to be a real idiot to set up shop for a day to scam patients out of their money and be on the run by the end of the day.

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I realy like the fact that they have these traveling clinics so it is easy for people to get the mm cards. my concern is, are these clinics going to make it harder in the future for people to get their cards? I have only had the chance to see one of these in action, Im not saying they are all like this, but I dont beleive any one that was lined up to get a rec got denied! I sat in on the process from start to finish, in fact i did most of the talking for my friend( big surprise eh?) as far as I can tell my friend does Not have a qualifying condition. the dr. actualy asked her what to put down for her qualifying condition, I told him to put down chronic pain, he did and we were on our way to the post office to send in the forms,


Let me say this, I think weed should be legal to everyone of voting age period, but that isnt the case here in MI, and with so many peoples own dr's not willing to give them a rec, people are forced to go else where, where they dont have a dr. patient relationship, Im hoping this doesnt get stopped, just like I want the dispensarys to open everywhere, but that dont mean I want to use either or!





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I share phaque's concern about the traveling clinics. What if you should have to go to court and prove your condition? Is that doctor from the traveling clinic going to be around to testify on your behalf? Do they even meet the definition of a valid doctor patient relationship? Are they going to be able to testify in court in a manor that will impress a jury? I like a doctor that owns the business. That way I know he is not just a temporary doctor who will be gone in a month.


Even the doctor I used I had some concerns about because he kind of looks like a hippie. But he was very well spoken and I was positive he had the ability to articulate a winning defense if needed.

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