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ok, here is an update, the hairs have fallen off, i missed the drop though, yes they were attached to the plant, not a hair, pube, lol, but the plant is much larger than the other 3 seeds i planted. ill post pics tomorrow, its too late to dig the batteries for the camera out of the wii remote :) (rechargeables + 3 kids = $$$saved) anyhow, they all look good so far.


and in other news, i got a bug in my but today and built 2 bubble-totes. one 6 pot cloner and a 2port with 5" pots. im gonna move the seedling to the 5" when the time is right, i hope its a female! (perhaps i should grab some pollen if its a male) i picked up the GH Flora line, and a bottle of Florablend. i guess its time to learn new math, yikes.


how soon should i move the seed from dirt to the tote? is sooner better than later? or should i wait for more root development before i seperate the soil from them?

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