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Clare Compassion Club Meeting


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Yes.. It is an open public informational meeting at a public library which will be open to the public.. We hope you can join us.. :-)

yes open to all, it is in a public library so there for not meds are allowed..afterwards we meet ome wheres be more personal..

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So, my people, I'm not going to make the next meeting... I'm going to be in AZ on a job interview..


So while I am not there, I do need you guys to possibly discuss me transferring a patient over to one of you kind folks..


My patient lady has never been to a meeting because of her ailments.. She has serious arthritis in her legs, she's also Hep C positive and borderline diabetic.. (I'm sure there is other stuff as well)


I'm sure she could benefit from medibles and Simpson more than smoking/vaping and she's a serious lightweight..


So please, make this a topic for me if you all would..


Thank you..

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