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Very nice.


"Patients and caregivers — Fancher said those who grow, use or distribute medical marijuana from their homes are protected by “home occupation” zoning that, for instance, allows residents to sell eBay items from their homes.


“That can be anywhere,” he said. “Ideally, the neighbors wouldn’t even know its existence.”

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This much sudden 'reason' and 'sanity' out of the Saginaw 'legal' machine puts me into a 'wait and see' mode.


These 'legal' types ALWAYS cover the 'backdoor'.


BUT if this 'new viewpoint' is for real then 'activism' DOES work.


'Stay the course'. With the economy the way it is and NO new tax revenue local governments EVERYWHERE are going to have to re-think 'enforcement priorities'.


It's just a matter of time. Sooner than later... I hope.


The Federal government won't be able to give them a hand out... and Wall Street CEOs CERTAINLY won't be there for them either.

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