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Officers Questioned In Medical Pot Raid

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Officers Questioned in Medical Pot Raid

Updated: Tuesday, 19 Oct 2010, 10:37 PM EDT

Published : Tuesday, 19 Oct 2010, 10:37 PM EDT



WJBK FOX 2 | myFOXDetroit.com


WATERFORD, Mich. - A medical marijuana business in Waterford is accusing the Oakland County Sheriff's Department of an unethical setup. The business was raided in August and the owners arrested. Now, the behavior of the undercover cops is coming under fire.


It is lights out at Everybody's Café in Waterford Township after it was raided in August for selling medical marijuana. No marijuana meant no business. It shut down and is now up for sale. A sarcastic sign thanks the Oakland County prosecutor and sheriff.


"My clients believe they did everything to stay within the law," said attorney Jeffrey Perlman.


That is until the law set them up, according to Perlman, who is the lawyer for owners William and Candace Teichman. He says undercover officers with Oakland County went to the café posing as patients. Documents show officers even admitted to using fake medical marijuana cards they made on their computer to buy the pot.


"My clients never would have sold, nobody would have sold to anyone unless they were legal," Perlman said. "By the police pretending to be legal with forged documentation..." he claims it's a clear case of entrapment.


However, Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard says until the legislature clarifies the law, it doesn't matter. Dispensaries are illegal and not protected under the state's medical marijuana law.


"They could have said they were Superman, it doesn't matter. It's irrelevant. Unless they're on the list of five in Lansing for that person, they couldn't give. They certainly couldn't sell," Bouchard said.


Perlman disagrees and claims a caregiver can sell to someone who is not a registered patient of the caregiver.


The sheriff's department arrested a total of 16 people and seized three-quarters of a million dollars worth of marijuana during the August drug sweep from the Waterford Township facility and a clinic in Ferndale.


Perlman feels they are going after the wrong people.


"They should concentrate of real crime, real people who are illegal selling drugs," said Perlman. "Why go after people who are certified and doing everything they can to be legal?"


The sheriff and the business next door add there were a lot of complaints about Everybody's Café and the activity surrounding it even before the raid took place.


The case heads back to court next month, but regardless of the outcome, it's too late for Everybody's Café.



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i think about everyone on the site thinks what LEO did in this case is BS,i don't think LEO has a special okey doekee to forge offical state cards and i think they should be charged for it,,,zzb


If anyone was to forge a scrip for say oxy, they would certainly be charged with a crime. Our leos seem to think they are above the laws they enforce.

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