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Hello Everyone

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Real Quick: new to the forum and the whole game, lurker for a few months now.


Hello Everyone. nice to meet you all.




I sent in my application and check mid-august and have yet to receive a denial notice. clearly has been 20 days. So am I then to assume that I'm good to go?

I haven't checked to see if the money order was cashed, but I saw no number to call on the receipt.


here it is now mid-october.. i must assume they would have cashed it by now. I've been apprehensive to start any grows without fully knowing.



i appreciate any input and look forward to being a part of the community :)


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Welcome " TomcatJones " to MMMA 2.0



333.26429 "If the department fails to issue a valid registry identification card in response to a valid application or renewal submitted pursuant to this act within 20 days of its submission, the registry identification card shall be deemed granted, and a copy of the registry identification application or renewal shall be deemed a valid registry identification card."



Your good to go and you should be getting your

card in a few weeks ... :thumbsu:

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It is good to know we are ne more member stronger! Have complete confidence that our law will protect you from arrest and prosecution! Don't be afraid to start your grow no. I started my room up as soon as I was sure I was legal! Have a good day and welcome to the site and a life free from worry of prosecution!

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hello and welcome to the site...there is no better way of knowing if your legal then checking the date your check was cashed, then check off the days they've had it...any other way is a guess..you can't be sure that your paper work was rec'd until you see that they've cashed the check...just sayin'...lol...welcome and good luck..zzb

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