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Barneys Farm Tangerine Dream


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:goodjob: :goodjob: :goodjob:


inquiring minds wanna know :)


i have seen and read great things from many respectable people. congrats on those :)


attitude carrying them already?


Yeah attitudes hyping it pretty hard too, I'm half tempted to pick em up but I have way to many strains going already :lol:

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I "may" have several clones available late winter/early spring... PM if interested.


I'm still 2 to 3 weeks away from popping them seeds.... I'm now on break :bong7bp: .


Regarding them clones... First come, first serve for the right legit S.E. MI caregiver.


As most of you would clearly understand..... ***Must have valid card***


Ya can join the Tangerine Dream Team...LOL.


Perhaps ya have some Tangerine Dream beans of your own... Please show us your grow results.


I have heard several views regarding what this strain has to offer... Should be interesting.




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Way to go Seedfro,I see the freebies are Cannabia seeds,same as my order.Let me know how those TD end up.



Yep, I will keep ya posted on that one as well- It seems she should carry some tasty/cerebral potential.



Afrodite feminized- Kannabia Seed Co.



I added an "if'--- I had to take out... darn "public EDIT" makes a grammar clown out of me...lol.... AND now we ALL KNOW.



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