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hey all, ive been a med patient/CG for nearly a year now. have been growing in soil with good results. im changing from where i grow now to a 4'x10' flowering room with a 4'x5' veg/clone room. id like to set up a SOG and use a flood table system. im new to this sort of setup but very willing to learn. are there any plans on how to build a flood system and step by step sog grow how to and such? my idea is in the 4x10 room 2 1k hps one over each side of the room 4x4 area one on the left n one on the right. my idea is to sog and have a cycle that i can start harvesting monthly. any help here would be great. Thanks much, Johnb

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True SOG gardens typically use like 9 plants per square foot, budded from freshly rooted clones. When grown this way you end up with a true "sea of green". Not practical with plant counts. Of course there is all kinds of training you can do to get the same effects but would not be a true SOG. Best of luck with your grow. :thumbsu:

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i have a 4'x10' flower area and want to max out my grow and have a repeatable system where i can harvest on a reg schedule in the least amount of time least amount of maintenance. any sugestions?



I'm just sayin'... this would be my suggestion...


Start two plants, from seed or clone or whatever, and set up one bubbletote in your veg space. You have a couple weeks to get the tote going. Oh, and get your first 400W MH hanging in your veg space.


Two weeks later, plant those two nicely rooted plants in your tote. Start two more plants, and set up another bubbletote. Again, you've got a couple weeks. Those first two plants are gonna surprise you with the growth. It'll be fun! Start saving and shopping for the light for your flower space. Get your ventilation set up in the flower space. Paint the walls white, wash everything with a bleach solution. Explain to the wife why your spending so much time and money in your "garden".


Two weeks later, put the second tote to work vegging plants #3 & #4. The wife will be impressed, and stop bi*#*ing at you so much. Start two more plants, and now you know what it takes to get another tote ready, so it gets simpler and takes less time. You now have about two weeks to get that HPS light hanging in your flower room. The first two plants are hungry, and drinking like sailors, and when you rub the stems it smells oh so sweet! If yopu haven't yet, you'll learn about pest control and pH and nutes and temp/humidity... probably much much more than that. You'll have questions and the awesome membership here will help you along. The wife will have stopped asking by now, but the dog will growl at you as if you were a stranger. You now have six weeks into your grow, and six nice healthy plants coming along. Get that flower room ready!


Two weeks later, time to make the shift. Start two more plants, and move the first two into bloom. The nutes change now, and you'll start thinking about buying the bigger container. It really is cheaper. The first two plants will be turning into monsters. You'll be figuring out how to react to things like curling leaves or spotty leaves or plants growing so fast that they need a support system.


Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. You are now at 12 plants in six bubbletotes, and you're watching buds develope on your plants in bloom which is exactly what you got into all of this for, and it's time to get a patient. Or just stick with the first twelve and give yourself a rest. HA!!! A rest?!?! :lolu: Maybe go visit friends and family, as they are wondering what happened to you.


Four months in...:sword: :sword: :sword:


At the end of about five months you should have medicine in jars. :bong7bp: If you work it right, you should be able to get at least 112 grams every two weeks. I think that's a conservative number. That's more than you can posess, but it gives you the opportunity to help others. :money: If you introduce two plants every two weeks, you might be able to find that "reg schedule in the least amount of time least amount of maintenance" you seek.


On that note, and I'm not really a George Harrison fan, I'll leave you with this...



Best wishes on your grow! Please keep us posted.



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