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Oil Or Alcohol

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Most patients that I know who use tinctures topically use the oil based or glycerin tinctures.

Unless you're using motor oil,(joke), they should be safe for oral consumption.

Dizledot has a wonderful preparation that uses glycerin to take the bite out of alcohol tinctures. Tasty and sweet but sugar free. http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/blog/65/entry-147-glycerin-tincture/

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Alcohol in general is not good for joint pain. Also avoiding coffee, red meat, pickles, vinegar (except apple cider vinegar) citrus, white flour, processed food & sugar may help.


Cayenne & glycerine (equal parts) mixed and rubbed on the area may help. Do not use on broken skin.


Disclaimer-use at own risk, these statements not endorse by FDA etc. I am not a Dr.

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Hey Grampa,


I do something you may want to try? A stem soak... after harvest, I cut all the stems up into about 1" pieces and cram as many as I can into a glass jar w/lid. Once completely full, I fill the jar with 91% rubbing alcohol and let sit for several weeks. The longer the better. It makes a good topical muscle relaxer, and joint pain releiver. I realize it doesnt take care of your immediatte needs, but if you get into a habit of doing it each harvest, after awhile you will have plenty on hand for yourself and patients. I recently combined several smaller jars into a 1 gallon jar with new stems from my last harvest to increase its effectiveness.


Good Luck +rep

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