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Lady In Lansing Area

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This feels so weird but, I'm gonna put myself

out here one more time.


I'm looking for a person/s in the Lansing Area

who already attend CC Meetings in other areas

of the State & would like have a travel companion.


Edited to add:

This was a lesson in futility :(

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Yep ..I had to look, even though I reside in de troit.Yes I came back by to say High so to pass along good vibes. Keep next to heart for excellent shelf life...please feel free to share in your travels to the gardens of "Compassion" , plant and light with SMILES. Peace :))

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I'm also a Lady in Lansing & I'd be interested in going to a few out of Lansing trips this year, maybe near the U.P. I've met some really awesome people from MMMA and bet their get-togethers would be too. Perhaps a Lansing area travel group.


Since it's in the singles section I might as well mention I'm a single, straight chick but not really looking fellas (Drama free summer... lol j/k)

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