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Hello everyone, I am new here and just wanted to do the proper thing and introduce myself. I am a mother of two from Flint. I have numerous diagnosis but the two that I am plagued by the most are pain and depression.


I started using MJ in October '10 during one of my worst pain episodes after I had maxed my pain meds and tried everything else.


One spring day my hubby and I went to a very busy restaurant for lunch in '09 and a nice middle class couple with a beautiful little girl were in front of us at the door and the man, with his million pocket, khaki, shorts stopped to tie his shoe then as we were going in I happened to look down and there was a bag with a little marijuana in it. I spotted it and my other half picked it up. The place was packed or we might have given it to him. We saw him feelin' his pockets about ten minutes later and then he went outside and came in about five minutes after that. Poor guy.


Anyway my hubby kept it all this time because we both had discussed using MJ because my meds just weren't cutting it. I didn't even know he kept it, had just completely forgotten about it, until late fall that year when he told me he had saved it for an emergency. He knows how bad things get and was willing to help any way he could. I just kept turning it down not wanting to break my promise and also because i was afraid. So in October of '10 when I was having an agonizing night and he got it out and desperately I smoked it. I probably could have gone to the hospital for the amount of pain I was in but I know the ramifications of going to the hospital frequently for pain treatment and I guess for me I always feel like there are people there worse off than me and I would be taking time from them. Plus I ain't sittin' there for no three or more hours in agony.


Besides wanting to be an advocate for MMJ in my own little way I have some serious issues I am battling with and am hoping to find someone or ones who may be battling with the same.


See I am a recovering addict. Or I guess I should say was? Lord that hurts to say. Clean and sober for just short of 11 years so I am struggling with reconciling my use of MJ and promises I made to God, myself, my hubby who is totally supportive, and my children the oldest one anyway. My 10 yr old doesn't know. That is a whole 'nother issue I need some advice for also.


Sorry this is so long lol, I will take a look around and hope to maybe make a friend or two.

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Hey gracie, welcome to the site!!


I can relate to your story, I to have spent days on end in the hospital fighting my pain issues,I tried MM and have been a advocate for it ever since.


I can tell you that your not alone, add a few friends to you friends list , follow peoples content in order to understand what their passions are you will find most everyone here will help you anyway they can.


I promise you will find medications from members on this site that will be far better than the bag of weed that kid had, LOL and you will greatly benefit from the use of it.


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I know right? I can't even think of the amount of times I've misplaced / dropped / lost bags over the years.....


Glad to know it's being put to use though! :D



Welcome to the site!


I enjoyed your story and I'm sure you'll meet a lot of friends and people in a similar situation to yours here on this site. Sometimes it just takes one of ya to come on out with your story...


I'm thinking this thread / conversation you have started here may draw the response of a few others that have been 'lurking' around the site. Thanks for sharing!


I can imagine it's a touchy topic with you being a recovering /ed addict. One can only bare so much pain though....

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Hi Gracie.. welcome to the family.. Blessings to all MM patients and caregivers..

My ex fiance Has been a clean and sober AA guy since summer of 08. He is having a difficult time with my MM use.. (note the ex fiance part) We have two young children and it has been difficult.. BUT no matter what he thinks the benifits of MM to me are tremendous and I will not be able to go back to the way things were before.. You are not alone.. Peace sis..

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