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Wyo. Bill Wouldn't Recognize Medical Pot Cards

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — A bill specifying that Wyoming won't recognize medical marijuana prescriptions is advancing at the state Capitol.


The Senate gave preliminary approval to House Bill 69 on Wednesday.


Last month the Wyoming Supreme Court ruled that people who legally obtain medical marijuana in other states are not exempt from criminal prosecution for drug possession in Wyoming.


The case involved a Colorado man, Daniel J. Burns of Boulder, who was arrested in March 2009 in Laramie County after marijuana was found in his vehicle. He has a Colorado medical marijuana registry card and doctor's recommendation to use the drug but was charged in Wyoming.


Colorado is one of 16 states and the District of Columbia that allow medical marijuana use or make special concessions on penalties for marijuana users with a medical condition.





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I would suggest you dont do anything to get pulled over if you are traveling out of state with your meds! or leave em at home and get when you get there,,( all you do is call a taxi when you get to where your going and when they get there ya tell em take me to get some weed) tip em well and they will do ya right! :rolleyes:




FTW and tip the cabby!




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there's a case we haven't had here yet (as far as I know). has there been an out of state patient arrested w/a reasonable amount of mmj yet? I remember the guy at the casino that seems to have been robbed. never heard the conclusion, but can't think of another case. any one ?


i think some of the people inn the Ferndales case has out of state cards thats what i heard inn court

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