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Where To Get A Good Free Avatar?

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Hello SparklyBuds, you can also try photobucket.com and look for pictures just by describing your thoughts. For instance, you want a sparkling bud, type in variations, sparkling buddy, sparkles friends, friendly sparkles, sparkles, buddies, you get the idea.

Anyways, you have plenty of ideas here to keep you busy with my suggestion as well as KingDiamond's solution.



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Hi folks, anybody know where to get free, safe, avatar download, marijuana oriented? I googled, but you know, 100,000 results... I looked at some & downloaded a couple but I was nervous about random downloading from strange sites. Thanks for any help.



Here is a one of my Lemon Skunk photos ...


I use to make Avatars for many members of different Sites ...




This Sites Avatars are not as big as i would like

to make Members a personal Avatar ...


You 'll see once you load it up ....


It be Nice w/ a little bigger Avatar ....


You can find Millions of Pictures ...


Its almost never ending on what you can do or make ....

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Cool thanks, I downloaded them. I found a site called Glitterfly where I can add moving sparkles to stuff, so when I have some free time I'm gonna try that, and keep on surfing, should find lots more stuff.

I guess I didn't have a pink sparkly phase when I was a girl, so I'm having it now at "middle age" :lol:

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