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Sayin Hello

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HI ya'll - I'm stepping out and sayin hello today: Been in here mullin around for a while (lurkin, peepin, whatever)!!

First of all I want to give a big thanks to everybody who contributes to this site...good, bad or indifferent!!

It's such a great site for information. I have learned much. (still much to learn)

About me: I'm a 40 something mother of two. I live somewhere UP North in the wild blue yonder.

I am a "Survivor" of many things. Cancer being one of them. Thank "God" or the "GreenMan" for the cannabis plant. Hip Hip Hooray!

I am working on my first grow and the info that I have collected on this site has been so, so, so, helpful.

As of now, I am a caregiver for myself. In the future, I want to care-give for others....I have questions to ask about this and

will post soon in the appropriate section of the forum. (I've looked and haven't seen any post about the question I want to ask).

But for today - just stoppin in, sayin hi, and again...Thank you. :thumbsu:

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