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Dad Saves His Kid By Giving Him Medical Marijuana!

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that is pretty awesome but I bet there are still plenty of people that would not believe it and think its wrong. I can't figure people out. They think I am a joker when I say it works WONDERS for my asthma. I am almost off inhalers. Great video I hope plenty of non believers see it and change their minds :)

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Thanks Jimbo! Great story! the newscasters were just awesome and supportive for a broadcast network news team! maybe i am just used to west michigan's backwards perspectives?


Aloha 1337 !


You are absolutely right...the coverage was great....I picked this up by sheer chance...on a HIPHOP site !!


Dr. Jinx

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This is why the Cannabis Cancer Project exists over a year ago we assisted the parents of a 6 year old girl with 2 brain tumors all we did was provide cannabis oil to the parents of this child at no cost until they could provide an uninterrupted supply for there daughter. But this is only done by the compassion of others who are willing to donate to get this done. Currently we are assisting 4 cancer patients at no cost but we need to raise enough product each and every month about pound to provide oil needed for next month. As of today we only have 4 ounces and need to raise the rest in 20 days

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