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Will You Help Me Develop Some Questions, Please?

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Hi Ms. Chocolate, good to see you again. I hope you're well.


I'll be happy to answer your questions, but would need to know, how & where you will use the information, that our names which are on our email would not be used, and our personal info would be secure.


I think if people knew their info was secure, more people would submit answers.


Is Lovely Mary Jane still around? Please give her our best.

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Hello! I’ve not seen LMJ in quite a while. She did mail me last week (through this site) to say hey. I do hope all is well with her.


I’m working on a thesis paper. I was asked to details some of the after effects of the law; the good, bad, and ugly. These questions will be used for that purpose. These are the question that the professor and I came up with. There are probably 20 more I should ask, but I can’t think of them. If you can, let’s hear them!


No one would be in the email account but me [junkmail4me2@ymail.com] . Should I need to print the emails, the names and addresses will be blocked. The response to these question is the only thing I will use this email account for (I need receive 4 piece of spam yesterday). It is not my intent to back-stab anyone.


I wish I knew how to set up an online form. I thought of asking members to summit answers here, but that would not allow one to be private or anonymous. I would be nice to have cross-country responses.


Thanks all!

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These are the question that the professor and I came up with. There are probably 20 more I should ask, but I can’t think of them. If you can, let’s hear them!


Thanks all!


Hi Ms C,


Are you going to make changes to this survey based on suggestions that you get? If so, folks may want to hold off until it's complete. Let us know.


I think my pain levels must be up today because I'm feelin kinda critical....lol. Since you asked, here were some thoughts. And, no, I'm not a school teacher.


- I would take 'medical condition' and make it its own question...not an optional. 'What is the condition that allowed you to qualify for Michigan's medical marijuana program?' That would be an interesting stat to track.


- There are very few questions that would apply to anyone that does or has not used medical MJ. Do you really care about the non-users? If so, maybe direct the non-users to skip to question numbers...whatever. If you don't really care to compile stats on the non-users, you may not want them to even take the survey. If you decide that you don't care about non-users, question #1 might be 'For how long of a period did you or have you use(d) this medication?'


- #3 and #4 are really closely related... food and capsule are both really 'oral ingestion'. you may also want to count vaporizors too. If so, add that in. So maybe you want types of ingestion. thru lungs via smoking, thru lungs via vaporizor, orally as plant material mixed in foods, orally as cannabis infused oil or butter, orally as a tincture, topically as as oil, topically as a tincture.


- #5, #12, #13, #16, and #17 are all closely related too. You could almost cover all of these with a single question and then a free form comments section. 'When using MJ as medicine, did you find significant relief for your 'qualifying condition', moderate relief, no relief, moderate discomfort from using the MJ, or significant discomfort?' Then add a comments section that says 'Please describe the relief or discomfort in some further detail. For example, increased or decreased anxiety, increased or decreased comfort or pain level, etc. How has using the medical MJ affected your daily living? How has using medical MJ affected your level of medical disability? How has using Medical MJ affected your ability to work?' There could be a lot of comments written and maybe you do want to track all of those comments separately, I guess only you know that.

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There have been rewrites. The suggestions I’ve received have made me expand and condense the questions. I like critical, it helps me focus. I made the one question not an optional, because I didn’t want to seem to pry to deep and personal. Yes, many of the questions are closely related. The people I’m presenting this to are ignorant to mmj. I can see medibles including oil, capsules, and foods. The questions asked made them different. This is something I may have to ask wide, then relate narrow.


Thanks Washtenaut, and all others. I guess I should change the heading and ask for help in creating a list of questions. Starting from scratch, I’ll come up with a list of topics, and then relate my questions to that topic. My first thought was to limit things to 20 questions. My new limit will be 20 topics.

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