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Flint Most Dangerous City Over 100,000

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Flint had 22 violent crimes per 1,000 residents, figures show. It was about 4 residents higher than second-place Detroit.

St. Louis, New Haven, Conn., and Memphis round out the top 5.

Flint reported 53 murders for 2010, but a Flint Journal count shows 66. When adjusted, Flint also has the highest murder rate, followed by New Orleans, St. Louis, Baltmore and Detroit.


The disproportionate amount of resources spent on medical marijuana is absurd.



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This is good to hear.


Can you share you opinion on why there is so much violence in Flint?



the only reason there is so much crime and violence in Flint is because it is illegal for me to mount a machine gun turret on top of my truck




J/K Flint has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. when people have to eat they resort to crime


BTW I dont think Flint is spending too much money chasing legal smokers, most of the dispensaries and compassion clubs are open for business

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This is what I look for when I go to Flint, this was last friday.


FLINT, Michigan — A resident found an AK-47 assault rifle while cutting grass Tuesday, according to a police report.


A woman told police her son found the firearm in her backyard while he mowed the lawn at 3 p.m. on Welch Boulevard near North Ballenger Highway.


Found in a corner of the yard underneath brush, the rifle was extremely rusty, according to the police report.


It was loaded, according to the report, and had one live round in the chamber.


The gun had 26 live rounds in the magazine and it's stock was removed, according to the police report.


Police took the firearm and ammunition, but couldn't locate an identifying serial number on the gun, according to the report.

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The poverty rate here is crazy. Many of the students are forced to move from school to school. Many of their parents are in prison for non-violent crime, so they go into foster care. Most of us have witnessed violent crimes or been victims of it (I got my butt kicked for the first time by a stranger 3 times my size when I was 13). The kids feel like no one loves or understands them so they become angry. Some sell drugs to support their family. Some join gangs so that they have a family. I have spent most of my life trying to help improve this situation but it just keeps getting worse. Its pretty depressing to drive through neighborhoods and see memorials for children and dogs starving.

I see a glimmer of hope with these medical marijuana businesses. Its looking less like a ghost town in some areas.

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