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Planet Greentrees "the Redoo" Of Webisode # 67

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Planet GreenTrees " The Redoo" of Webisode # 67


Victory in Shiawasse


We will be doing a redoo tonight.



We had severe technical challenges last night, but we have regrouped, and will be much better tonight, and the dry run will make for better listening pleasure for our community.



This victory is too important for our community,for it not to be documented, explained, spoken about, and enjoyed by all. Mikeand Shya are calling in again, we a going to try to play some of the video(audio) from the traffic stop, and address the why, the what and the truth.Please join us, call in, participate, and learn. Also we will address the new COA opinion,







Jamie Lowell from third coast


All in the studio



Planet GreenTrees redoo of webisode # 67



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