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For The Hater In You

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Funny how some people laugh when yet another MMMA member leaves the site. Maybe support for the organization is so easy to come by now we can just pick and choose who supports or who joins and who leaves. If you're lucky, they only left the forum and didn't pull their support from the organization.


Regardless of the consensus among the noob cliques, people don't hate the site, they love the site and the organization too. Or at least they did, but hey too bad for them now huh. Everyone laugh now. Real funny man. :thumbsd:


Folks have their reasons for leaving, whatever they are to them. Is that 5 or 7 this week?


Every member that leaves is a blow to the entire MMMA organization. Tell me I'm wrong.

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Kevin, you make good points, but i think you have mis understood the reason I posted this.


This has nothing to do with pretty much any member that is no longer participating in the forum, regardless of why. with exception to possibly one that was shall we say, being condensending would be a few floors up in decent character.


just prior to the show ending, a very vulgar statement was made about one of the female members that was in the radios show chat. To put it lightly, it was absolutely uncalled for, and shows true lack of moral fortitude imo.



i wont do this person the favor of reposting his comment in open forum, but i will pm it to you, if you are interested why this is a fitting reply...

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