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Dr. Mercola On Medical Marijuana

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Website ranking portal Alexa.com keeps track of the most popular pages on the internet at any given time, and the number 1 page often comes from Mercola.com. The site is run by Dr. Mercola, who describes himself as someone who has “always been interested in health and started exercising in 1968, went to med school to further my knowledge base and started professional life as a family doctor in 1985. However was completely brainwashed by the system and actually was a paid lecturer by the drug companies in the 80′s.


“Eventually I saw the light in the early 90s and refined my understanding of health truths. I also have a passion for computers and combined my interest in technology and health by creating this website in the late 90s and it is now the most visited natural health site on the Internet.”


Today Dr. Mercola posted a in-depth article on medical marijuana, and it is well worth a read for those who don’t know the background on this country’s marijuana laws, what medical benefits the cannabis plant has or even want a rundown on where things now stand between medical marijuana states and the federal government.


In other words, a great primer for those new to the issue of medical marijuana. As of this writing the Dr. Mercola article was approaching 60,000 views, which means a lot of people are learning about medical marijuana on this day.


In this excerpt Dr. Mercola explains why cannabis works so well on a medical level:


There are more than 60 chemical compounds known as cannabinoids in the marijuana plant. Cannabinoids interact with your body by way of naturally occurring cannabinoid receptors embedded in cell membranes throughout your body. There are cannabinoid receptors in your brain, lungs, liver, kidneys, immune system and more; both the therapeutic and psychoactive properties of marijuana occur when a cannabinoid (such as the THC produced by the cannabis plant) activates a cannabinoid receptor.


Your body also has naturally occurring endocannabinoids that stimulate your cannabinoid receptors and produce a variety of important physiologic processes, far beyond that of the traditional “highs” associated with THC.


What is amazing is that your body is actually hard-wired to respond to cannabinoids through this unique cannabinoid receptor system; research is still ongoing on just how extensive their impact is on our health, but to date it’s known that cannabinoid receptors play an important role in many body processes, including metabolic regulation, cravings, pain, anxiety, bone growth, and immune function.


As we spend more on medical products and get sicker as a country, one has to wonder why. Could it be the dangerous products being force fed to us from the pharmaceutical companies?


Stranger things have happened.


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Every media outlet is out to make a buck. The important thing here is this article is very positive, very well written and has a huge audience. Instead of the "420times" excerpt, check out the entire article here...



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good point Med. I tend to be a full picture guy.


on the surface, George Soros seems to be a great proponent to the legalization movement. that is until you dig a smidge deeper and find out hes 51% owner of Monsanto, and they are major backers of GMO seeds, and want to be the only source for our seeds via GM Organics (think thats the company name they are backing bigtime).


But i fully agree, Great article none the less. im just always looking for someones angle, as sad as it is to say, has to be done vigilantly. Everyone has an angle...

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