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Welcome Dice.

start out with a lil info.


when did you send in your application, check/mo, and dr recommendation to the state?


Did you send it registered mail?


can/have you checked to see if your check has been cashed?




Specifically, the state has 20 days from the day they receive the application ( registerd mails tells you what day it was signed for) to do one of 2 things.

1. process your application if everything is ok, and send you your card, which is per the Law, supposed to arrive with in 20 days.

2. issue a denial letter stating why you were denied (in most cases missed paperwork, signature on check ect..) and send it to you certified mail, so it should be received with in the 20 day persion.


currently the cards for those authorized are back to 4 months behind. in lieu of this, a Copy of All your paperwork, and cashed check (gets stamped by the state deposit only stamp) are supposed to act as your card proving legal acceptance into the program, until the hard card actaully arrives.

but some communties, like oakland wont reconize the paperwork.


you can go to the Mi. Gov MMJ site and read the full law as it is, before Bill Schuette goes and attempts more changes to the wording without a 75% super majority vote of both the house and senate....



basically if you have not received a denial letter with in 20 days, and you can get a copy of your cashed check/mo, then you are considered legal on the 21st day of the MMMP receiving the application.

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6.1.11 is when I went in for my cert. Same day I sent in registered with a money order. I received a stamped green post card within 2 weeks. then nothing. I check my mailbox every day like I was waiting on my little orphan Annie super secrete decoder ring. Along with my application paperwork, All I have is the stub from the money order right now, I did not realize I was going to have to wait so long, and as I troll the forums, I now see that proof of that payment is necessary without a hard copy / original card when dealing with most of the community.


Since I live in Oakland county, does that mean that I should not expect my decoder ring to come?

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i would suspect it will show up. matter of when the state gets around to fixing their "PRINTER" issue....


in the mean time, you can usually contact the company you purchased the money order from, to verify if it has been cashed, and get a copy of the cashed paperwork to keep with your paperwork..

i would say you fulfill the 21 day period as long as you didnt get a denial.

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I sent in my renewal on Febuary 28th and received my hard card on March 28th. I about fell over when it arrived in 30 days!! 2 of my patients sent theirs in in June and I received their cards in November! LARA had taken over at this time and it was back to the 4-6 month wait. I would say your card should arrive any time now DD. Good luck! Medcnman.

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It sounds like you are good with your paperwork to me because what is required is Proof of Submission.. and if you have your green card that is the proof you need.. I think it is an excellent idea to also have your money order stub as well.. Your card should be coming soon.. but that is really really late so i would definately start trying to call about that.. you can find the number at this site.. http://www.mich.gov/lara All the rules and such are there too.. Good luck to you..

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@ timmahh with paperwork not being acceptable where does the hard version of the card itself stand?


@ tarzan I spent alot of time browsing the forums after signing up, alot of impressive info, expect some inbox questions from me as I further educate myself.


@ medcnman, U lucky dawg, Im glad you were able to breeze through


@ annne Thanks for the link, ive spent alot of time looking for someone to contact about my issue, but after reading the forums, I dont feel the need to sit and wait around in fear


@ stringbean the helmet is OSHA approved, I had to take it in for certification for the custom chin strap.

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your dated paperwork, with proof of the MMMP receiving cert mailed, but most importantly the cashed and stamped M/O are your hard card.


most people will be fine with that, ofcourse with proof you are you like a d/l sect.


its just that LEO in Oakland refuse to accept the state itself said the items i listed, are your hard card until you physically get the card. Otherwise, most anywhere/one in the state will accept copy of the paperwork i pointed out.

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hey Detroit, welcome and I would lower you expectations just a little with the state. Know that if they cashed your check and you did not receive a letter within 21 days rejecting you then you have been approved. Think of the letter like a watched pot, you know how they never boil. Mine came when I stopped looking for it in a very simple letter, I think it will be stamped private or something and from state. So carry all your paperwork and my advice make a copy you leave in the home also so if ever there is a ish and you are not home but your medicine is.



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