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Pro-Medical Marijuana Protestors Speak Out Against Michigan Attorney General In Frankfort

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What is missing from this is the terror that patients face when jailed , many on very harsh medications and I am not just speaking of opioids though they are a very serious concern . The jail system is no place for sick or injured patients . To be honest our nursing and foster care systems are extremely dangerous . Medications are pulled or not given in a manner which works for patients in assembly line fashion with little to no checks and balances that promote patient comfort . Psychiatric and substance abuse doctors prey on individuals and I say that with fear . They often are out to get you ( doing paid studies for big pharma ) and their medications kill and torture under their teachings and beliefs patients won't report the truth of how they feel . They excuse what their doing by saying you lie . It is a non healing environment that has been created .


It is apparent that for Bill Schuette this is a political piece of his marketing because he offers no solution to the voters other then restriction and punishment for those who oppose his views of abstinence . In 16 years of suffering there never has been a answer for my pain which was originally 100% physical but now encompasses both physical and mental . My body cannot take anymore abuse like it was put through by people without any understanding of severe chronic pain and the catch 22 patients find themselves in when having issues with medications . Regulation has created a unfordable system which also never improved . Patients are treated terribly Under the current system they are punished , there is no science nor compassion applied . Quite frankly it is no wonder that treating oneself has become a challenge to the system it fears . It is no wonder many are willing to take the risks to see if cannabis helps them and quite surprised in many cases to find the reality they experience is much different from what the Government has described for decades .


If our AG cared , truly cared he would interpret a truly workable set of rules out of this law crafted with open wording to protect patients in ANY circumstances . He would protect individuals whom clearly are not seeking to profit under the Act but who desire to see it function in a reasonable manner creating supply to fit basic needs of ALL patients . Patients whom often cannot leave home , or need so little supply no caregiver desires to help because they can't break even . People that only want a few weeks supply to get through chemo or radiation treatments or those detoxing off dependent medications or in severe pain whom require more then 2.5 ounces to keep a non interrupted supply . People who were suppose to be covered under the AD whom fear loosing the ability to grow ahead and have no money to purchase a substance not covered by insurance that works well for them .


When I look at this video I see our AG as a man that doesn't understand that psychiatric science is in the dark ages in reality . That it is often barbaric leaving patients defenseless with nowhere to turn . That our State has no affordable and humane drug treatment facilities which know how to treat people with the dignity and compassion they not only deserve but need to heal . That in many cases people are terribly suffering , living minute to minute , and cannabis often can pull them from the depths of despair allowing them to focus on their daily needs , basic tasks and if allowed drive and work . I listen to Bill Schuette and all I see is a man over worked with a good message to not use drugs without a truly compelling need . Sadly he has taken that message to far ignoring how the status quo injures individuals and promotes more serious crime then just drug sales . He is hurting individuals because the act was created to protect ANY patient from prosecution . To not only be interpreted but to be applied loosely to the point of negating cannabis charges on anyone with a viable medical need .


Are their extremists among the pro cannabis side as our AG states ? Surely but nothing they can do other then when they fight over profits the same as Law Enforcement could be so cruel as to deprive parents of their children , take away freedom , and through fine , forfeiture , probation , parole , court fee's ruin a persons ability to be financially viable which for patients mean either a terrible death or ending up on State assistance . His goal of no drug use is commendable but in practice he is failing his people miserably . I know most patients do not promote using medication without balancing the opportunity costs vrs the benefits . In the case of our AG it is so sad that such a accomplished man could injure people without remorse or true comprehension of what his actions are doing to the balance of free will with organic medicine and the patients on our program . I can truly say under his direction I no longer understand what the law states nor is . Patients are targeted by those whom appose the act when vulnerable from injury and disease with extreme malice and it is hard to believe THAT was the voters intent .


Personally I doubt Bill Schuette would like me but in life I learn something from everyone I meet and I do not dislike Bill Schuette I am just confused on how he could promote policy that creates such potential for abuse under the theme of curbing it . A system that has created so much ill will and harm to otherwise productive individuals or those itrying to be .

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