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Recall Schuette

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I am surprised that there are no topics here on the recall of Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette for his actions against patients and caregivers. Do you all know that Schuette is working with the DEA to execute federal warrants on Michigan patients and caregivers??That way you have no defense of medical marijuana!!! Did yo know his latest opinion is that if the police confiscate your legal medical medication that they cannot give it back because it would make the police felons! He has made it clear that he is against the Michigan Law and is doing everything he can to shoot it down! I am organizing the petition in the Muskegon County area and I have petition forms out to all grow shops and compassion clubs in Muskegon County. Anyone can go sign the petitions if they are a registered voter. If you want more info on the petition you can visit this site below for forms and directions,. Make sure if you print out forms they are on 8.5"x14" legal size paper, anything else is not acceptable by the clerk. Here is the link for more information! We need this to happen to show our other legislators that we are not going to stand for any of them going against the people and this will make sure they think before they change any laws! http://www.cityhallrecall.com/billschuette.htm

Please take it upon yourself to check with the grow shops and compassion clubs in your area to make sure they have the petition. Pass this link and information along to everyone you know!


Thank you very much!


Muskegon Medical Marijuana Dispensary


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yes, we do have quite a few Recall Schuette comments here, I do think their are a few threads on the topic as well...


but since Richard Montegue (Petition Originator) started the FB Recall Page, we have sent members there... Richard has done a great thing getting the recall wording accepted, and so well BS is having a problem getting it nullified. Basicaly hes not pleased his recall just inst going away...


add to that the suit filed by BB, and hes starting to think some in the state may not be to fond of him.

so now hes whining like a 3 yr old that didnt get a cookie before nappy time, via email to his "Schuitte Base" complaining that the evil Citizens of Michigan are pestering him so...

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